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  1. As above. Must be willing to post as based in Aberdeen. Cash waiting
  2. Folks, My lupo sold today and I got a phonecall saying he had tried to close the sunroof (from being tilted up) and it wouldnt close. Typical an issue occurs when the car sells! Does anyone have any suggestions? Supposedly it wont open or close at all - so doesnt seem to be the issue with it closing and fully opening like other sunroof issues people have had. Cheers
  3. It actually sold today. I had the timing belt, water pump and alternator replaced before the sale and it flew through an MOT too
  4. Greig

    de cat

    Sure raceland do one with a manifold too - can buy them from Awesome GTI
  5. I might, I might not. But something japanese is taking my fancy, and I cant justify having this, the quattro and something else! But we will see! And yes it does . Would recommend one to anyone - thanks for making it happen!
  6. It's currently on an old set of FK's I had sitting about. I sold my KW's to fund air, but purely for the fact that I need suspension like that to get up and down my track! However, I am contemplating selling the car already (after 20+ VW's, I think its time for something a little different). So for now it will stay as is, get an MOT and maybe move it on mid may.
  7. So its almost complete! I have spent the past couple of weeks working on it for an hour or so each evening! More brakes before and after: Radiator side by side: And fitted. Also sprayed the aircon rad and condensor black as I hate seeing it chipped! Gave it a quick wash today and got proper photos. The only things left to do to it is, machine polish, fit the popper for the boot, get the headlight washers working and try and get it down my track for an MOT
  8. Put them on a hosting website like flickr or photobucket and copy the image code over.
  9. Greig

    Lupo GTI Breaking

    Would also need the inner lights also, as they are different to a standard lupo.
  10. Got mine today and love it. I dont think the photos do them justice!
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