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  1. Does anyone know the part number or somewhere that I can get a new one? Changed the whole exhaust and found the original one is completely rusted through and not much holding it together. It’s the furthest back one with the different looking rubber with the 3 holes.
  2. How much would you be after? And where you based?
  3. After buying the full leather seats I’m now looking for the doorcards to match. Doubt anyone has these for sale but worth a shot.
  4. Sorry mate, just sold it to someone on FB this week
  5. I’m trying to get the RTS left ball joint from Autodoc but I am being told they do not have it available. Does anyone know of any others that are the same? They’ve sent me stark ones as well previous but these aren’t the same from what I can see.
  6. Selling front and rear cloth GTI seats if any ones interested. not sure price so just a guide for now £200
  7. In my works car park with vw fest stickers in rear window
  8. Still got it just sat in the garage
  9. Managed to find one
  10. I need the full jet from the passenger side as mine has broken. I know someone 3d prints the piece that pops out but need the full piece that it goes into
  11. Pringle

    Heated Leathers

    Anyone selling the heated leather seats?
  12. Is it just the red lense part of the light? I’ve managed to buy a new full light from someone so you can have the lense from my old one if that’s all you need.
  13. Does this come with the hole for the brake light? Also where did you get this from?
  14. Anyone got both upper and lower front doorcards from a GTI. My upper one has an awful crease and the bottom looks like someone’s been at the netting with some garden shears.
  15. Pringle

    GTI Driveshaft

    Thanks, I’ll let them know, and hopefully that is something they can get a hold of
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