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  1. Sorry to hijack... if you still have this and would be prepared to just sell the driver's side seat/cloth then let me know. Thanks.
  2. After some, ahem, discussion, with AutoDoc, they've sent what I actually ordered. Couple of RTS ball joints which appear to be the right part for the GTi. Good result in the end, took 1 week to arrive, so not too bad.
  3. Yep, that old chestnut... Probably going to need both ball joints for my GTi's MOT next Feb (as was flagged up last year) Local dealer confirmed not available, as has been discussed here before. I've walked the tightrope that is ordering through AutoDoc and surprise, surprise after I'd ordered the RTS 3rd party ones, they're attempting to send me Stark 'equivalents' - which I don't think are. Has anyone had any recent luck sourcing these?? many thanks
  4. Looking for driver's seat cloth cover for Lupo GTI. Interwoven velour (UZ) - red/black. Alternatively UX - black/black is ok too. Thanks
  5. Managed to get a brand new driver's side part (6E0955104) instead from ebay. With a small mod it's easy to convert to N/S. Now fitted and working perfectly again. Result.
  6. Cheers. If you ever get a chance to find out, would be really grateful
  7. The N/S headlight washer nozzle has pretty much just crumbled into loads of pieces on my GTi (managed to save the cap) Looks like the extending spray nozzle is a separate part from the main washer unit and I just need 6E0955103 (I think) Vindis VW spare parts says these are no longer available - from Aug 2020. Assuming that’s true, has anyone had to replace one recently and where did you source from.? Thanks in advance.
  8. Cheers both. Will investigate. Am happy with just the cover, had new seat foam fitted a couple of years ago. Probably should have had new covers fitted then, but wasn’t too bad at that time.
  9. Long shot, but has anyone found a supplier of matching material for the GTI seats (the dark grey interwoven velour part). Am trying to replace the driver’s upright bolster cloth which has worn through. Local VW dealer is saying that full replacement covers are no longer available. Whole seats do come up on eBay, but condition is usually rough.
  10. Got a new resistor, pattern part from Amazon, around £10. Part no 1JO819022A. Easy 5 min fix, A/C all good now. Comparing old with new, easy to see why it was failing.
  11. Thanks for the replies. Switch 'looks' ok as working fine on setting 1. Recirc is auto disengaged when demister is on as expected. Fans all ok when A/C switched off. Just tried again and A/C still only working on fan position 1. So pulled back the cover to the heater resistor (under passenger side shelf) checked connection to block, waggled wires and sure enough A/C started working again on settings 2-4. I doubt this is a long term fix - suspect that the next pothole I hit on the glorious roads in Cambridge will cause it to fail again. May change resistor anyway as not expensive and 'appears' an easy replacement.
  12. On my GTI, A/C is only working on first fan setting, (light goes out on button on remaining settings, 2-4) Fans all ok on all positions. Is this likely to be the blower resistor in passenger footwell? Only reason doubting is that if resistor, thought A/C would just be working on highest setting (4) not low (1) Thanks
  13. I agree with Rich that 2nd hand from scrappy is the best approach... but was unable to source locally and needed to fix quickly. These are the best ones from eBay, matches OEM quality https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-WINDOW-REGULATOR-REPAIR-KIT-FRONT-RIGHT-DRIVER-SIDE-/122538438364?txnId=1983023125002 Quite an easy fix in the end. Just make sure you clip the square metal blob on the regulator wire into the recepticle in the clip first (flathead screwdriver helps), then attach the clip to the black rail after. Bit of grease/silicon spray on the rail. Job done.
  14. The inevitable just happened and both window regulator clips broke as I pulled into my street tonight, causing an instant window drop. Quick call to the local VW Dealer, Vindis (spit) tells me they're discontinued. Really? Have now sourced off ebay, which is no doubt cheaper and about as quick. Guessing an easy fit?
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