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  1. It shall be done as soon as I've got the MOT.
  2. Lol my other half is not happy about a spare car lying about 😁
  3. Lol I'll post it when it's ready to sell. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I've already got one, tdi 1.4 diesel 😊👍 my baby has less miles.
  5. UPDATE: I had good news today, I went to talk to the mechanic that maintains our cars, I found out the EGR valve has been replaced but because the car is a diesel that is pre 2009 it can go through the MOT with the engine management light on. Who knew? So my plan is, put it through the MOT, hopefully pass, get the fault code read so I can sell it with a fair idea of what needs doing. Also if it passes the MOT I can run it to work and back for a couple of weeks (40 miles a day at 50-60 mph) and get everything going. Thanks for all your advice, I'll post when I'm ready to sell.
  6. I definitely can't do it myself as I have no talent for mechanics. So will a clean solve it do you think?
  7. Ok I have decided to get the egr problem fixed as I have just found out the car is out of MOT and it's chicken and egg. I can't get the MOT with the engine management light on and it won't sell properly without an MOT. So question do I take it to the local garage or someone advertising carbon cleaning as a specialty? Any advice? Will the clean solve the problem? Also have checked the mileage and it's actually 116k do you think it is worth doing this?
  8. It's black and 04 reg so qualifies for £30 tax. I don't know if that's a good colour or not
  9. Wow I never would have guessed that much!
  10. Hi from Norfolk I own a 1.4 tdi which is great and am trying to value my friend's 1.4 Tdi as I am executor of his estate. The engine light is on, something to do with the egr valve but I thought he had it replaced. Only got around 78000 on clock and runs great apart from this. Any advice on how to value it for sale? I may swipe the alloys off it if they will fit might. He would have laughed at that.
  11. Hi I am new to the forum and need some help. I need to value and sell a lupo 1.4 Tdi for the estate of my friend. I know the engine management light is on and it's something to do with the egr valve but I think it was replaced. The car runs nicely and has 78000 on the clock. Is it worth getting it fixed or selling with the fault. It's MOT'd to April.
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