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  1. Got two threads in breaking. Was trying to clear some space for next projects.
  2. Two lupo sdi all parts £5 or less collection only Spalding, Lincolnshire. bumpers, doors, engines
  3. I don’t know. I did give it to a gearbox place. I remember they wanted £500 to repair. It’s been in the back of the garage ever since.
  4. 180k and 135k. 135k is complete. 180k is missing alternator
  5. Got new project starting in January so having a major clear out. I know it’s not a great time to do it but parts will be cheap as chips. Collection is best can do click and collect style. Engines £50 Door £10 bumpers £10 wing mirrors £10 pair seats £50 broken sdi gearbox
  6. Unfortunately this one doesn't have engine cover. You still after leather steering wheel and cup holder?
  7. All parts available. Location Spalding, Lincolnshire.
  8. Now Breaking my other sdi. All parts available. Will get pics tomorrow.
  9. Sorry for mega slow replies. Life got turned upside down and given a good shake. Seats, gearknob and rear lights are gone.
  10. I'm away at the mo, I'll dig it out at the weekend.
  11. Looked at wings today they are both rotten, not worth taking them off.
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