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  1. Sorry for mega slow replies. Life got turned upside down and given a good shake. Seats, gearknob and rear lights are gone.
  2. I'm away at the mo, I'll dig it out at the weekend.
  3. Looked at wings today they are both rotten, not worth taking them off.
  4. Afew bits, what you after?
  5. Hi, yes i have the wing and the clutch pedal stop. The wing is abit rust. Ill get some pics so you can see for yourself.
  6. Was going to sell this but have decided to break. Thread was in for sale section but its probably better here.
  7. Wheels are available, spare is not legal and one has a puncture but all got loads of tread left.
  8. Cup holder, gear knob, hand brake gaiter, steering wheel sold. Seats swopped its now these.
  9. Breaking this now. Gearbox is knackered, 4th gear, crown something and a shaft.
  10. Location is Deeping st Nicholas, lincolnshire.
  11. I'm open to offers on the price. Might break if I have enough interest in parts
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