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  1. brownah

    Reverse gear earth issue?

    Hi guys, have done a bit of searching and can't find anyone with the same issue and an answer. Whenever my car is in reverse gear, and I change gear I can hear a zap almost like there's something shorting.... The headlights flash off for a second when this happens and also the dash lights (battery and ABS and sometimes handbrake) come on and then eventually go away. This all happens the second I slip the gear stick out of reverse. Has anybody got any idea what could be causing this? Thanks.
  2. brownah

    Window regulator advice

    Hi everyone, Just a quick update. Loosened the bolts that hold the glass then ran the window up and down a few times. It's definitely improved in that it doesn't get fully jammed and I don't need to yank the window up anymore. I does however get stuck about half way and goes back down. I can get it to go halfway, then if I stop and jab the button so the window goes up bit by bit it eventually gets past this sticky point and up all the way. I've had a good look and it doesn't seem to be catching on any cables inside. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  3. brownah

    Window regulator advice

    Thanks a bunch Rich. Will give that a go. Just a quick question, loosen the bolts of the runners that the clips go up and down? Thanks.
  4. brownah

    Window regulator advice

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I've opened it up before and replaced the clips. It worked fine for a bit. But then it keeps getting stuck halfway and it's really wedged tight. I've got to pull really hard to get it up all the way. I think it might be getting caught on the seal on the way up. Anybody else had any issues with this? Thanks.
  5. brownah

    Window regulator advice

    Hi everyone, My lupo GTi passenger side window gets caught halfway down and doesn't go any further. I need to grab and pull it as the glass sits bent for some reason and lift it level (with some force) the rest of the way while pressing the button. So I'm looking for a window regulator. Wanted to ask, does it sound like I need a motor? And does anyone have any recommendations in terms of what regulator I should get? Is the valeo brand any good? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, am I right in thinking that black heated leathers out of a lupo came in either standard or GTi spec (with the bigger bolsters)? If so, what are these? Thanks
  7. brownah

    Definitive Coilover Thread

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about getting some kw v1 coilovers. They're coming off a lupo sport, is there any way to tell if they will fit my GTi? And is there any way to tell if they are inox-line ones as he doesn't have a box or documentation. Thanks
  8. brownah

    2001 lupo gti breaking

    Sent you a text re kw coilovers
  9. brownah

    Eibach Lowering Springs Lupo Gti

    Hi mate, Hi mate. I've sent you a PM
  10. brownah

    Tombstones in lupo

    How difficult is this to do? Is it just a case of wiring power to the seats?
  11. brownah

    Tombstones in lupo

    Thanks for the replies guys. Will need to track down some manual seats
  12. Hi guys, Been itching to out in some tombstones in my car and have tried to read as much as I can about how to do this. Wanted to ask a few questions before I begin gathering what I need. 1) I wanted to fit 944 seats, but they all seem electric - so what seat adjustment functions should I expect to lose if I just bolt them in and don't bother with the electrics. 2) if I weld the seats to lupo subframes, do I lose the pop up function of the original seat that allows someone to easily get in the back? Is it possible to put in tombstones and retain the pop up function? Pic below of the kind of seats I really want! Thanks in advance!
  13. brownah

    Indicator stalk question

    Thanks rich. PM me address for medal
  14. brownah

    Indicator stalk question

    Hi guys, My indicator stalk has gone on my lupo GTi 2003. I was about to buy a new one but I've read on an eBay advert that there's two variants? (One of them has "two wires and 4 pins") Any idea which one I need? And also, is there a nice guide on replacing the whole stalk unit. I've only come across the guide that shows how to take it all apart and clean the contacts. I get easily confused lol Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for this reply. I've taken the inner handle off now! Any advise on how to remove the metal handle/hinge portion so I can work on the plastics? Thanks!

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