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  1. Thank you all for your time and advise guys. It really has been appreciated. I checked for slop in the mechanism and gave it all another good clean. I then followed the video below on how to reset the gear linkage and it seems to have worked. I’ve attached the video in case any one else has similar problems in the future.
  2. I did yes when I first tried it with the engine off they all went in easily, however now irrespective of the engine being on or off I still can’t select reverse gear without forcing it in.
  3. Hi guys Would anyone one be able to advise please. I’m having trouble with my 1.4tdi lupo gears. Went ro drive the car this morning and the gears were really stiff. Managed to changes gears and drive but It wouldn’t engage reverse when the car was running. People suggested that once warm the car should be fine and to clean the linkage. Ive just cleaned the gear linkage with wd40 and lubricated it with silicon grease. The gear change is now much better but I still can’t engage reverse without crunching. Your suggestions on what to try next would be appreciate
  4. Thanks sausage. That’s the info I needed
  5. I’m thinking the same hence my question above
  6. I’ve been looking to buy a 1.0 and know most of the common faults. However with a 1.4tdi are there any different faults I need to be aware. I was also told that the 1.4tdi doesnt suffer the same peddlebox issue, is that correct ? Thanks in advance
  7. Ok. Bit far for me to check out. Thanks North west is heading toward the north you turn west . Any west will do.
  8. Now this would make a lot of sense why there is so much live for the lupo
  9. Interesting I Hadn’t realised they shared the polo internals.
  10. Your right regarding the youth of today, my son really isn’t keen on the car
  11. Hi guys just wondering if you can shed some light on why Vw fox was never as popular as the lupo. Need to get my son a first car. I’m really looking at the lupo but then came across the fox. They just don’t seem to be as popular so was wondering why. Is it poor build quality and issues or just a desirable factor ?
  12. Was this car at the car show in Telford ? In the car park?
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