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  1. Ah, I received one of these letters Not that I will notice any difference in my monthly salary I bet :/
  2. Newest one Pic is a bit skewiff as I tried to bend round to get it lol. The browns will lighten round the edges eventually
  3. And clog up the shopping centre when you are in a rush
  4. Tattoos like this are brilliant. Love the mix of random graphics. Check out La Boucherie Moderne if you haven't already heard of it
  5. Ray, your photos are always amazing, but fun too as you capture other stuff and ting! Probably the best set I've seen on the interwebs Big up the old skool CL posse! Ps Rich's Lupo looks awesome
  6. Ah, I see it has penis insertion stop start
  7. Whats Japanesey and Sushi-ish about this? The title tempted me in for hentai and sashimi. I got neither
  8. Oh Jon. Why so. Why do I not have 5k aside. Why why why I hate you
  9. Aww Was he calling the God of "bring us a real summer"?
  10. He has, I saw it on his Facebook
  11. I was just about to comment about them. **** car, nice wheels
  12. Me and Mitch are going. I'm looking forward to the ferry!
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