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  1. I know!.....Miss it already . Standard Lupo full suspension set up for sale, and lupo cassete player if anybody's interested. Scott
  2. Sold ! Anybody got a black Bora for sale ?. preferably a tdi Scott
  3. I want a Bora ! .....Will be keeping an eye on yours ! Good luck mate! Scott
  4. GTG in South Street, Paint spraying. Scott
  5. I want a Bora Any body wanna swap? Scott
  6. No updates... just a couple of snaps. Scott
  7. Aye pal...was in govanhill somewhere..duno where though, was up that week for college. You had 2 different sets of wheels on ? Scott
  8. Was sitting behind you this morning about 8 oclock. Black, smooth boot, black wheels, and red mirrors i think. Scott
  9. Think i'll be going. Any body going nearby?, (dumfries n galloway or south ayrshire) Scott
  10. Damn it...desperate for a sport spoiler! Scott
  11. Ah well, sorry but your no getting my borbets
  12. As per title, looking for a sport spoiler...any condition considered as i am a paintsprayer/panel beater. Thanks, Scott
  13. I'm quite enjoying these at the moment Although i would maybe sell my (unfinished) polished Le Castelletes if the money was right. Scott
  14. i'll be spactating the cars getting on the boat Anyone on here going?
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