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  1. 2001gti

    3 word story

    Lets carry on
  2. 2001gti

    3 word story

    back in 2017
  3. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    i do mate. thanks for your time.
  4. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    Thanks Mr M... i was after a 2nd hand one if im honest but ill certainly look into HP, failing that the Polo 1.2TSI R looks like a good all rounder.
  5. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    this isnt a "vag" forum. Its a lupo forum which happens to be part of the VAG group. that doesnt mean you will join a ford fiesta forum to ask quite specific questions about the engine in a jaguar xtype diesel engine that was never put in a fiesta.... the X-type 2.0d engine is from a modeo isnt it? the point i am getting at is, rather than going registering to a new forum for the sake of 1 question i thought i would try my luck on this forum as i have an account and used to be around quite a lot.. it just gets to me when people post stupid replies to such a simple question.
  6. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    ill give it a shot, tah
  7. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    oh yes ive got no doubt about the performance. i have just heard little rumours that they eat piston rings for fun and drink oil like there is no tomorrow. i have googled it, but i cant really find anything after 2009, i just hope they were the early teething problems.
  8. 2001gti

    1.4 tsi engine

    Afternoon people, i just thought i would jump on and see if i can find anybody that has experience with the 1.4tsi engine? the reason i am asking is because i am in the market for the new fabia VRS but apparently it is laced with problems? tah
  9. 2001gti

    Guys of club Lupo

    Id like to point out, that this thread has been going that long, i have actually started to bald since my first picture :-(
  10. 2001gti

    what was everyones 1st car ?

    Cinqucento sporting in faded red, the bumper was actually starting to turn pink. 8months with no issues at all, i did 30miles with no coolant in it haha
  11. I've owned both. The polo is more practical, but the lupo for whatever unknown reason, just touches your heart. as a car the polo is better, with the bigger boot with a 12v plug also in the boot, along with climatronic and a lockable glove box. If it wasnt for the gearbox going bang 'twice' id still have my polo :-(
  12. I bet their police camera action is fantastic!
  13. 2001gti

    Anyone got £24,000?

    Pimp my ride UK was crap! and thats a dreadful car!
  14. 2001gti

    Kate Middleton's VW Golf

    id pay anything to sniff that drivers seat!!! mmmmmmm royal clunge!

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