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  1. I have the same issue, I was told it was something in the bottom end but that was 10k miles ago
  2. Ellzbmx

    Camber help!

    2 1mm washers on the bottom two bolts inside your drum should do the trick Mine were £2 from wicks
  3. http://instagr.am/p/WxFSuxEwfr/ That's mine with about 5 fingers of thread on the front Sometimes when I turn left sharp I hear the driveshaft hit
  4. I do have some 8mm mdf left are they only to space out the speakers?
  5. Hi I recently bought some new speakers to replace the stock ones in my doors They are jbl gto527 130mm two way After reading the how-to on here I think I know what to do but I don't have the tools to make an adaptor so they clear the windows when installed Would this be okay I'm not 100% and would like a second opinion before I waste £9 Look at this on eBay: Speaker Adaptor Kit for SEAT AROSA (1997-1999) http://bit.ly/ZSuhQ2 Also I will be running these off my pioneer headunit 4x50
  6. Looks good with the 165 nankang, I got a 165/50 pottenza stretched onto my 8j wheel the other day and they wouldn't give my wheels back cause it was a little too much stretch
  7. This is Rory my 1.0 mk1 arosa s This is when I got him 6 months ago Completely standard except for some smoked indicators Picked up some jom coilovers and bought a set of bbs reps off a friend After running those for a few months I fancied a change Tried on a couple of friends wheels 16" steels Compomotives 15" Then I found a set of rota zeros on here from vwcal so snapped them up as quick as I could They were 8j et0 on the back so I was quite worried how they'd sit on my standard arches Luckily a friend is handy with a copper hammer and flattened them for me but they still poked out a bit much for my liking so I added some camber Pretty stoked how it is now Plans are to get bigger spacers on the front and some new seats Thanks for looking
  8. Ellzbmx

    Jom Coilovers

    Cut the bumpstops down a bit it stops it being as bouncy
  9. Bit late but I had the tappets replaced on my arosa 1.0 mpi Cost £200 all in
  10. Looking good amber shame about the fire It's ellz Henderson btw
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