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  1. So Alva is definitely going in for paint this weekend - transportation is arranged and everything so no backing out now. Lets how respray number 3 is the final one. In the meantime I've been cracking on getting some things done... We got another Polo 6n 16V - purely because I needed an engine mount and the thermostat housing. The car then obviously got abused with the digger - standard at our house. But the main purpose of this was to enable me to finally put the engine in! Had to put in a barn picture with the Guybus in the background Of course, we used the digger again to get the engine in place. FYI - seatbelts are incredibly strong and make very good straps for carrying engines! And it was in - and finally aired down for the first time in about 6 months. Before anyone asks - no its not wired up, that'll be after its back from the bodyshop. So now Alva is sitting pretty in the barn waiting to go for paint Oh and I finally tried on my wheels (only had them about 9 months...) They'll be different to how they are here, but I wanted to gauge how they looked on the car. Safe to say they are going to be epic! Updates from now on may be quite slow - I'm going to keep quite a lot of things hidden but once the car is revealed I'll make sure I back-fill
  2. I wouldn't mind too please Don't suppose you could add my other one from 2014 in too whilst you're there?
  3. Thanks Silver That's the thing that I love! I got it the third week in September and I've already done 8500 miles in it...but I knew that was going to be the case so that's why I went for a new car and with a high spec. I spend at least 3 hours a day in my car so it's got to be nice that was my justification to myself anyway haha. Well I already had the air and wheels so it would of been rude to not do it straight away... Technically, as long as the car is returned at a standard height then it doesn't matter. Plus it's obviously declared for insurance so it's fine I had an Ibiza before and even when I got that I wanted an Audi ideally but couldn't justify the cost, but when the mk2 shape came out I just thought screw it - I want one! Hopefully onto a winner - this is the last time it's being painted so it'll have to be right for me to not burn the car (which I have thought about doing many many times!). I could definitely go bigger with the engine as I'll have lots of space in my bay but I wanted a clean look so decided to stay simple. Love the idea of the 1.8T conversions but I've never seen one that's pretty to look at due to them being such a tight squeeze. I haven't driven my car since around November 2014, so I'm unbelievably excited that hopefully in just a few months I'll be able to drive Alva again
  4. Thanks for the amazing comments. I am as ever going to persist and she will make some shows this year! It means so much to me that people still take the time so read through all 32 pages of this
  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm finally regaining motivation for the Lupo so hopefully you'll see me around at some shows this year!
  6. ^^ my many many pages of building the Lupo
  7. I cant wait for you to bring this over to visit me I'm definitely driving it when we go to Worthersee! Just saying...
  8. So its been a very long time since I updated this, which is a shame because I always wanted my progress to be somewhere so that I could look back and see everything that I've done. Anyway, to fill in the gaps where possible... Alva moved to her new home and now lives in the boyfriends barn. This is how she currently looks: As my AUB engine again was running worse than a tractor, I decided it was time for a complete change and this is what I have been working on. I'm going back to basics with GSXR 600 carbs and simplicity. Removal of 90% of the wiring by the time its done which will be so nice. Its still a work in progress, but i've set a personal deadline for Early Edition 16 so I hope I can meet that. In terms of paintwork, its bad. Whole car is covered in microblisters still and I've become really frustrated with it. I have taken the big step forward and decided to book it in for paint AGAIN...3rd time lucky I hope! This time its back to bare metal and all paint is being removed externally to ensure that this time nothing comes up. Where possible I have got brand new panels, so new wings and a new bonnet. Would love to source a brand new rear bumper but I imagine finding a sport one untouched will be like golddust. I've also got something interesting in the pipeline in terms of wheels. They are definitely going to be a one off in terms of the spec. And to top it all off, boot build and more interior details are definitely in the pipeline, but details will not be disclosed Other stuff which has kept me busy, as some people may know, is my new daily. I went and got a brand new Audi A1 although it didn't take long for me to mess about with it. The 10 hour transformation: A few pictures since owning it... Current winter mode: And a huge surprise during the end of show season this year...
  9. Patroddy Cant wait for all of his changes on his GTI to be revealed, 16 is gunna be a good year!
  10. Yeah I know it should be pretty simple - it's just decoding the Ecu that's going to be the issue as I'm sure some of the instrument cluster is linked. In terms of the loom, I'd love to be able to do it myself but due to time and peace of mind I think I'd rather get it made up for me.
  11. I did - had a change of heart though!
  12. So i'm after a bit of advise. I'm putting an AfH lump into my Lupo Sport (replacing my AUB). I've contacted a few places in terms of getting a full loom made up and I'm getting stupid quotes. Does anyone know how easy it is to splice my current loom and that of a Polo together? I'm looking at running carbs and getting rid of a lot of stuff, but figured if I could at leats get it to run as is first that would be ideal - then I can start taking away. If anyone has experience of this conversion I've got many many questions!
  13. I'm going to get someone to do it, wouldn't risk doing it myself haha. I think for most of the car it'll work fine, just worried about my rear bumper as that's got the worst reaction, I think that might go through to primer...
  14. Thanks for taking the time to read the whole things, that's a lot of pages! Glad that someone appreciates the clean style in going for. Yeah the T piece just comes out but you have to cut the plastic welds. For the centre console there are some screws behind the stereo. I'm hoping to flat back the paint and see if that helps at all, I don't really have time for a respray until after show season...and I've rather not wrap it if I can avoid it...
  15. Thanks for that Craig really helpful. After my car was painted the first time (about 5 months after) I did cover it for around a week in a breathable cover as my mum was doing some work at her house and i didnt want my car to get damaged, but after this amount of time the paint shouldn't still be soft, and as its breathable and was only on for such a short amount of time I can't see that this is the cause. Also, I haven't covered it second time around so this just proves that the painter obviously hasn't removed whatever has cause the microblisters and gone back far enough. Unfortunately the guy is being an idiot about giving me my money back, so looks like it's going to be a court matter and that I will have to front the money to pay for another respray - so being ready for UD is going to be impossible - my new aim is Early Edition.
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