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  1. Thanks man, no updates atm, hopefully get more stretch on the back soon an lower it more.
  2. It's hard getting it to sit any better really, I have the adjusters taken out and dropped fully on the back so would need to get a smaller spring. Been meaning to get the back lights since I got the car, is it awkward wiring them?
  3. Untitled by francis2024, on Flickr
  4. Thanks for that man they look pretty cool
  5. Thinking of getting Bullet One Steel wheels, there 15" 7j Et20 and 8j Et20 , Just wondering what peoples opinions are on them and if anyone has pictures of them on a lupo/arosa. Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 18.30.06 by francis2024, on FlickrThanks
  6. Been preparing for dubshed, so finally got the rear recaros in and the back adjusters out an lowered slightly on the front. IMAG0019 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0008 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0007 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0017 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0014 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0016 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0015 by francis2024, on Flickr IMAG0010 by francis2024, on Flickr
  7. When i put my foot on the pedal, it makes a clicking noise when I'm releasing it, any ideas to what the problem could be?
  8. Funny because i never said keyboard warrior and it wasn't scot i was referring to either, and also wasn't a threat, It was your man calling me a little **** and i just know he wouldn't say it to me if we were at a car show or something, unless he's trying to start a fight? and when did i say anything about being the biggest man in Ireland???
  9. You really want to know? each to there own i guess...
  10. Fiar enough if you say there was no underlying motive then I'm sorry, I'll happily move on.
  11. Because it's you, your known to be a smart arse on this, like come on, look what you said in your interests, you purposely do things to annoy people, and get kicked off! am i wrong? you obviously knew i wanted to sort out that arch gap so thats why you got that response.
  12. Far from cocky, and little shits? seriously? it's funny how some people can talk like this over the internet but if it came face to face it would be the total opposite, I insult nobody on here, if i see something i hate or dislike i don't leave a smart comment like some of you do. sorry just my opinion of course, and sorry for not striving for more posts to be excepted into the cool clan, i'll aim for a sad amount of posts from now on to keep you happy
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