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  1. 3rd syncro seems to be a common issue with the tdi box for some reason. I have one spare in the garage with the same issue from an old polo.
  2. Black arosas look nice! Done well there mate..... look after it, it will last an age
  3. They all need fixing at some point, looks great
  4. Bloody amazing..... supprised he didnt sell it at 300 lol. There such a good car. Getting quite rare these days tho!! What are the plans if any?
  5. Absolutley amazing work...... also following your insta..... top build
  6. Between 900-1200 id say. Its a sought after model with decent miles on.
  7. 150hp can be done, you could use parts from a gt tdi. why the change of gearbox?
  8. did anyone find an answer on this? could a polo tdi or a2 part be used?
  9. keep up the good work, fantasia green is as cool as
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