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  1. cars now up for sale if anyones interested revo stage 2 map text me on 07854011081
  2. if you put in the wrong resistor how can the airbag deploy when its removed? i have done this to my lupo, removed all airbags and put resistors in, altho my wheel airbag fault keeps coming back after a few hours of driving. the wheel airbag must need a specific resistor unlike the passenger airbag as its worked fine
  3. battery tray for boot some cheap rubber
  4. exactly, the resistor fools the airbag module into thinkint there is still airbag present in the system thus making the airbag light on the dash work as it would if the airbag was still present. only time will tell if it'll pass or fail i guess, but rally cars dont have airbags and need to be mot'd to get from stage to stage so does this mean that'll be the end of rallying
  5. just convert it to throttle cable be much easier otherwise you'll need an engine loom from a fly by wire engine
  6. hopfully have it out its maiden voyage tonight
  7. only running issue i seem to have is coolant loss, its either a ****ed rad as it looks like it may be leaking or the head gasket is on its way out (smokey when running like is burning water)
  8. Ready for some sump killing action If only there was some seats in it.......... Sound proofing finally removed Because race car Yeah buddy
  9. i do drive properly, just rather unlucky shall we say
  10. not at all, hes kept me outta lot of trouble when it came to my licence
  11. doing at estimated 60 in a 30. but the cops caught me when the fastest they drove was 50mph and they was at a standstill. none of the math added up but still got found guilty, wasnt impressed that day ill tell you
  12. i would of prefered a mk2 arosa over the lupo but was hardly any forsale at gd prices
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