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  1. cheers dude I had it compressed down by coilsprings in sheffield
  2. Haven't posted on here in ages so thought I'd update it bought some oem roof bars not much happened for a while until I got bored and decided to lower it more and cambered it front and back, this is how it sat with a few turns left also had a notch done by OCD coils wound all the way down along with shorter springs for the back I didn't bother putting the tramonts back on as I had bought another set of wheels haha mercedes O.Z racing 2 piece splits 15x7j et34 all round came with staggered adapters 19mm and 27mm Ill probs take the camber off and see how she sits without it Thats about it now still got to sort the interior out, only problem now is to choose which wheels to run for shows haha
  3. Saw this at UD and Elsecar, looks awsome! best lupo I've seen IMO, didn't surprise me you won
  4. haha thanks Koop! Cheers dude means alot Thanks man! Thanks man Cheers dude! Haha It called shotgun!
  5. Its been a while so heres the Update Smooth front Bought some dailys.Original Ronal Teddies 14x6j. I had a idea in mind as soon as I bought them so took them to the body shop to paint them in Panda colours.Got them back and they look pretty sick! Strapped in ready for the tyres to be put on haha. Here's how they look on the car, pretty chuffed with it and not bad for some dailys Cheers man, still got quite alot to do to it until its finished
  6. Thanks mate yeah I will be I'm guna retrim the back seats into tartan aswell to match the front after UD.
  7. Yeah tbh i prefer it without camber not low enough to pull camber off haha but the only reason I did camber was the fact that I didnt want it rubbing and destroying the tires. It staying like this for now I'm on Club stand on UD so guna be pretty good, hopefully see some nice loops about, last year was pretty sick. Forgot to add the momo 280
  8. MK6 GTI seats fitted, keeping it Tartan cos it looks sweet with white coloured cars Took the cups out after borrowing my mates arch roller and rolled the arches my self. pretty chuffed with it and saved me £130 from arch enemy. Also took the camber off so that it didn't shred my tires, its sits pretty nice and doesn't rub at all but I need it to sit lower some how, maybe custom rear springs and shocks but not sure yet. Anyway the car is going into the bodyshop soon for some smoothing Getting ready for the first show which is Ultimate Dubs!
  9. I spent about an hour reading this thread and the ending was a shock. I was getting into it and then boom! you crashed it hope your ok man and please build your lupo back for a happy ending Never soon a Lupo as different as this, I loved it!
  10. A few updates Chrome indicator bulbs New rear tires Nankangs AS1 165/55 More stretch! didn't like my rear tyres before More updates coming soon
  11. I wouldn't say I've got that much toe in with the rear , the fronts are worse cos of the natural camber and toe in when lowering it, my tracking is way off haha
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it Bought some new goodies which I will update soon
  13. Now to get some tires, we decided to get 155/55 on the front and 175/50 on the back Here's how it looks with good stretch on the front and alright stretch on the back Now to put these shiny shoes on. Just a photo with my loop and my bro's fez, which you may have already seen Some major scrubbing at the back, which shredded my tires. I only drove down the road and it looked like this This is meant to be my daily! So we decided to camber my wheels to try and took it in along with putting my cups back It worked with a bit of an arch gap but not much, I will be getting my arches rolled and flared in the next couple of weeks along with my front smoothed and my rear bumper smoothed and colour coded Here is how its sits at the moment, not finished yet but almost there, interior will be nice if I have any funds left haha
  14. bought this car a while back and had quite a few ideas for this so here it is completely standard The little mods started 8KHid De-badged Xenon Plate Leds Side Strips removed Now for the big mods Ap Coilovers Front down with more to go haha all the way down at the back with the cups still in how she sits at the moment along with press plates I picked up from Ultimate Dubs De-Wipered Now I had wheels for these that I bought a long time ago, before I passed my test haha They are 3 piece Tramont Ty2 and wanted these on a loop as soon as I got them After a while my brother persuaded me to colour the barrels as they weren't in great condition, at first I didn't think it would work and was quite reluctant, but he was write, they look tasty with a bit of colour! We test fitted the rims to see how much it would poke and decide whether camber was needed here it is
  15. A few updates Chrome indicator bulbs New rear tires
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