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  1. The GTI has become my daily, and now I have a B7 RS4 to go with it! It's on the winter wheels in the first pic...
  2. Yes there is. But both of my windows have issues (the drivers side has the correct 'thin' glass. New window regulators were fitted to both sides just before I bought the car, but I don't think they have been fitted very well, because they are still playing up. But the passneger side is worse, and it actually does get stuck half way sometimes.
  3. Yes, there is a kind of 'U' clip around the lock barrel holding it in place. You have to slide that out the way, and then remove the lock barrel. The lock barrel will probably be quite well stuck inside the handle by now though, so good luck!
  4. Taking out the cat will make it spool up a lot quicket. 100bhp is easy to get with a remap and standard turbo.
  5. Can we have a nice night-time picture of the climate control to make everyone in the UK jealous please...
  6. Illumination loom for the factory CD player. Not all Lupo's have it.
  7. Well, it depends on how we can get in to France without it breaking...
  8. Normal glass fits in a GTI door. I have one in my passenger side door. If anyone has a spare GTI passenger side glass please let me know!
  9. That will suit you nicely
  10. You don't need to service them after 10 years old! In fact I think you're supposed to throw it away and go and buy a new car.
  11. My guide is in the how-to section
  12. I love the interior and the fact it has original Club Lupo stickers. Free bump.
  13. You can buy heated seat pad kits from kufatec, I think they are for a mk4 golf but I bet you could make them fit the lupo seats
  14. Ok so this is not quite gold, but it's not too far off...
  15. Not all Lupo leather seats came with airbags. It was optional, and then became standard towards the end of the production run.
  16. Ah, I didn't realise this was your old one Penry! You used to have a private plate on though didn't you. Now you've got me looking back at photos from Edition 2007 and reminiscing...
  17. I have found this also; Skezza how do these fit the passenger side? Can you post up and pictures?
  18. Now before you put the paper one in the bin, unfold it so we can all marvel at how big the surface area is...
  19. Well that's certainly seen better days! What do you think caused it?
  20. There is a picture in here, the small yellow bushes. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/34101-das-auto/&do=findComment&comment=1139291
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