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  1. Right oh! Well the two wishbones + ball-joints arrived today so with tomorrow free I will attempt lashing up! (Weather and personal laziness permitting ?)
  2. Nice James, seems do-able. I bought the pair with ball-joints (the difference in price was €4) and was wondering if replacing them at the same time was a good thing/not too tricky?
  3. So unfortunately the Arosa failed it's NCT this weekend and there are a few fixes to get through. Biggest job is I guess the worn bushes. In the past I had a nightmare trying to replace these on a Citroën AX so I figure this time I'm going to swap the whole Wishbone\TCA. Anyway before I start I thought I'd see if anyone has done this job and has any ideas or tips as I haven't done this before. While I was ordering the wishbone I figured the other wishbone may as well be changed as its probably in similar order and the price difference between buying one and buying a pa
  4. Really want these, no chance you'd post to Ireland, I could send you the SAE...
  5. Nice one rich! I didn't want to find myself lashing it to the roof with bailstring
  6. Will it fit? I'm picking up a replacement tailgate tomorrow from the scrappy to swap onto my series 1 Arosa. My plan was to swap it over in the yard but in case I can't do that on site I was hoping someone might know if I can fit the tailgate in the back of the Arosa (enough) to drive in home and do all the swap and strip down at home. Before anyone 'helps out' with measuring it really I want to know if it fits in practise rather than in theory. Thanks, danny
  7. Yeah the oil pressure light should be cool, I changed the oil and filter over the weekend, dropped off the sump and cleaned the pickup. I also replaced the oil pressure switch, but I think it was basically the wiring to the spade connecter to the sensor which had become frayed, so that got some heat shrink wrap. May have gone over the top but it was good to service anyway. As for the airbag I replaced the clockspring, which seemed a bit worn visually but I'll just have to see if it worked, thats the one I need cleared to pass the NCT. That link is good for clearing lights Skezza
  8. I would think as the OBDII port has been used with VCDS in the last week by me the port is okay. The elm327 mini is being recognised as a bluetooth unit by phone/tablet/laptop and pairing successfully - I think this could be just a duff unit, came off ebay from a UK seller but when I contacted them to raise an issue over this the replies have been suspiciously 'google tranlate-ish' so I think it may be a lost cause to get it replaced. Generic OBDII won't clear these lights? You are breaking my heart
  9. Hi I'm trying to clear two lights on the dashboard for the Oil Pressure and Airbag Warning. With the help of someone on another forum (and their VCDS or Vagcom) I've been troubleshooting and think they are ready to clear. Rather than be on the blag constantly and to get to know the car more I bought one of the bluetooth ELM327 minis available on ebay. It arrived today and despite a few hours work and using several different programs from the google playstore (including Torque Pro) I cannot connect to the Lupo. I can 'see' the device on my phone and there seems to be po
  10. Also pondering this myself, the universal one is cheaper (much cheaper) but I think it might one of those things where you forget having spent 8 times more on the real thing, whereas the cheapo one would remind you constantly that you took a shortcut. All the same I'll probably wait on it till other stuff is out of the way, over here its working out that the cupholder is the same price as a pair of pop-out windows and all the fixings!
  11. Still stuck with this rev counter not moving off zero. Has anyone (not skezza) had this problem on their car?
  12. bump Still no action from the rev counter, have tried a different set of working clocks but still no life from the rev counter, Reallly would like to get this working, anyone know what it might be?
  13. Hmm yeah I will put a multimeter to it (not sure how it works but hey!) Its a fairly small plug so CD illumination sounds favourite, maybe too small for a switch perhaps? Looks like a good candidate for a powering a USB twin socket though!
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