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  1. I reckon you could fit 50mm a side if its just on standard steel wheels
  2. My TDI is on 260k now and drives spot on.
  3. How much was it up for?
  4. Haha it still matters if it's trade insurance as to what you are actually declaring. If your calling them up or using an app and registering the car on your policy as whats on the log book but it's got a different engine, that's still illegal, even with trade insurance. I've had my trade policy for a fair few years, I have to sell a min of 8 vehicles a year. All cars MUST be legally declared, there's no exceptions to a traders policy. If you crash, your in the same boat as everyone else if the details are wrong.
  5. I'm not sure on the sensor but i would get the car scanned to see what faults come up too. There's usually people on the the fb selling pages that can give cars a scan. There's a chap near me who charges £15 and comes to your house and scans the car with his Snap On diagnostics.
  6. Apart from the fading to the top of the rear spoiler, it was in incredible condition. They are really underrated cars tbh. I don't think anything will replace the lupo as the daily hack, it gets abused and just keeps on going.
  7. Leaving stuff sitting for long periods of time outside in the elements is usually what causes most of the damage. If they are left in a dry garage its usually fine. I've done the garage bit for years and never had any issues, you just need to religiously start and move the car each week. It's when a car's left sitting outside that problems start. Most noticeably the interior as you cant leave the windows open a little to let it breath. You get stuff growing and making nests lol.
  8. They are all over the fb marketplace and start at 200 quid so going by the lack of info, I'd say £200
  9. This is like some of the sale adverts that are about. No text just a picture and price ?
  10. Tbf the savings to be had on these online sites makes it pretty hard to go and buy 100% genuine manufacturer items now, I used to about 10 years ago. They all sell top named stuff at a fraction of the price. I admit, my shed of a lupo gets the cheapest of cheapest I can get ?, excluding oil.
  11. There's a guy near where i live with a gti with one of those Lupo plates. I'll see what it is, dunno if the cars got any famous history.
  12. I read that as any genuine filter not just vw. Is £6 cheap for vw one then?
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