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  1. This is a rare opportunity to own one of last low mileage GTI's in the country. I have owned the car for just over a year with a view to keeping it long term, but another project has come along, so I have decided to sell it. The MOT is valid until July 2017 and, as you can imagine with a mileage of only 20,000, the car is in excellent condition with a full service history. The previous owner spent a small fortune on the car with a new timing belt, water pump, full service, discs and pads, rear dampers and had the wheels refurbished. The car is completely standard with the factory fitted option of the 6 CD changer. The car has been entered in several VW shows during the last year. Due to the recent weather and time constraints, some of the photos were taken at the beginning of last year, but the car has only done about 1500 miles since that time, so they basically show the car as it is now. I am looking for around £7,550.00. Any questions, please PM me or comment below and I'll respond to any questions. Thanks for looking.
  2. Great looking car; I've got a black one with only 20,000 miles on the clock. Have you done all the work on it yourself?
  3. I have tried to remove the hatch handle assembly to have it painted but after releasing the 3 fixing screws from the back, I couldn't move it enough to pull it away from the hatch itself. The lock seemed to be catching on the metal at each side and then when I managed to get the left hand side free, the lock assembly seemed to be stopping it coming out. I looked at the lock to see if I could remove it, but I couldn't see how to do this. Anybody managed this and if so, how does it come out? Any help, much appreciated
  4. Like you say, back to basics. I think I'll remove the complete system and start from scratch. It looks as though its running from the actual body of the washer, but its hard to tell. I'll keep you informed. I hate being beaten by anything:)
  5. Well, I finally managed to find the time to swap the headlight washer pump from my son's GTI onto mine and the results are the same The washers work fine, but as soon as you switch them off, the water keeps dribbling out from the bottom of the washer bodies at both sides. Just seems really strange that they would both leak at the same time. I fitted the pump that was on mine back onto my sons car and that works fine, so it is definitely not the pump. I am thinking that there must be some sort of non-return valve in the system that, once the pump stops, this shuts the water off from the pump bodies. I am starting to run out of ideas to be honest, so I think I might call in to the local VW dealer and see if they have some sort of schematic drawing showing the various parts to see if there is something else that may be faulty other than the washer bodies themselves because, as I said before, I don't really fancy spending £140.00 for two new washers if that isn't the problem. Any more ideas?
  6. Mines a 2005 model in black with 18,500 miles
  7. That link has a lot of useful information; I'll have a good read at it. Chris - I have had a look at the windscreen washer pump and it looks different to the headlamp one, but I am in the fortunate position that my son has a Lupo GTI so I may "borrow" the pump from his car and check if this is what is causing the problem. If it doesn't cure it, I'll take the washers apart again and double check the O rings. Thanks again guys for your input, will keep you posted, but it may be in a few weeks as I have other more pressing things at the moment, at least it isn't something that stops me enjoying the car, its just that I like everything to be working Cheers
  8. Thanks for that tip, I'll try it and let you know
  9. Spent a few hours today trying to sort out the leaking headlamp washers. Managed to remove the nearside one after removing the arch liner and the horn; what a nightmare! Anyway, I dismantled it as described by Chris, checked the seals and they seemed to be OK. But when I put it ll back together, it was still the same; 4 hours of my life I will never get back! Once the tank was refilled and the washers were tried, they squirt fine as they should do with plenty of power, but once they retract back into the bumper, water carries on running from the nozzles. Am I right in thinking that there should be a non return valve to stop the water flowing once they are switched off? They just keep leaking until the head of water in the tank gets low enough to stem the flow. When I took the pump out of the tank to check it (the tank hidden inside the wing), I could blow air straight through it, so surely, the water will just keep flowing through the pump even when its switched off: is this as it should be or should the pump stop the flow when its off. I don't want to fork out £140.00 for two new washers if there is a simple explanation as to what is causing this. Chris - any ideas?
  10. Looks like a complicated bit of kit; I'll let you know when I have had chance to sort it out. Thanks again for the detailed explanation
  11. Chris That's a top explanation, ill have all that info. to hand when I start the task of fixing them. You mentioned about some photos, any chance you can put them on? Cheers again:)
  12. Thanks for the advice, Ill try the pump first before I start dismantling the bumper.
  13. It looks like both the headlight washers are leaking on my 2005 Lupo GTI. If the washer tank is filled up to the top, it then empties itself through the washers. Looking from underneath there is a steady stream of water that starts at the washer housing itself, so I think they may need to be renewed or hopefully repaired instead. Anybody had to buy new headlamp washers? If so, how much are they? Just trying to suss out how the bumper comes off. Anybody had to do this and be able to offer some tips? Thanks
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