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  1. Bump for the next replacement, one of two space grey Z4 M Coupes in the uk http://thumbsnap.com/s/LCaS6DZy.jpg
  2. Not sure if you get them down south but plent of places up here will let you rent a caterham for a weekend, great if you get decent weather. Nice quiet roads up here so no issues with lack of vtec engagement Roadsport 300 more performance than you would ever need and so much road to play with when the car only takes up half the lane width. Trying to get my brother to buy one and keep it in his garage so I can borrow it
  3. Photos of club lupo girls in action can be sent to my email too lol
  4. for £7k what you really want is this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1998-PORSCHE-911-CARRERA-2-MANUAL-FSH/261239429105?clk_rvr_id=499029674384&afsrc=1'>http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1998-PORSCHE-911-CARRERA-2-MANUAL-FSH/261239429105?clk_rvr_id=499029674384&afsrc=1
  5. Same with the M5, got about 20 average from mine but good ones around £5k now and probably start increasing in value if well maintained so you might not mind throwing some larger bills at it. Get a engine strip down and shells replaced etc. around 100k and you could easily do another 100k miles. Not as ruinous as the vxr8 by the sound of it though a few thousand a year to keep it nice is about what i would expect to need. Run flats and sports suspension best avoided on z4 yes, great on smooth roads but not many of those about. Ditching the run flats made it a bit better but could still get a bit skippy and make you back off.
  6. looked at a few of these for my brother, ended up in a mazda 3MPS, for the same sort of money they were less to insure and a lot newer/lower milage than most of the others on your list
  7. a lot of them are uv degrading which is a bit useless for stuff that might be left outside getting wet
  8. Yeah Matty, i had a 3lr z4 for a year or so before I swapped it for a M3. Nice enough but the ride is very firm and the steering isn't very nice, more cruiser than sports car, the Z4M is great fun though. how is the vxr8 going?
  9. You can get a new shape mustang pretty cheap Ray if you fancy some v8 rumble. Trade in that silly polo offroader http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/ford/mustang/ford-mustang-gt-2005/1322776 Car collected, back at work now though. S2000 by Crusoes, on Flickr
  10. Insurance (£358 not bad, one good thing about getting old) and tax all sorted, passed its MOT today with no issues and pick up at 3pm. Prepare for it to tip down with rain later...
  11. off to watch some best motoring battles
  12. £10k for a one owner 70 yr old doctor who traded in for a easier to get into CRV after 8 years and 30k miles. Hardly a stone chip and a perfect service history. Pick up later in the week hopefully, photos in google cashe from the dealer site. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=en-GB&q=cache:aUlAYgE_eEUJ:http://usedcars.honda.co.uk/S2000/2.0i-VTEC-Roadster/Dundee/3032468-602791512-217237.aspx%3Fsrcmdc%3Dse_na_re_%2Bsp55HKC&gbv=2&gs_l=heirloom-hp.3...1157.5032.0.5360.
  13. Few weekends of burning up dealer fuel and I'm back in a Honda s2000. New cars getting a bit too civilized and sensible, what I really wanted was a nice older car, cable throttle, no traction or stability control and 9000rpm found a mint 29k mile example at a dealer a few miles down the road for half the maximum budget.
  14. Or just hire something for two years then give it back. No depreciation issues and give it back needing a service and new tyres and brakes all round. http://www.easternwesternfleetservices.co.uk/company-cars/BMW/M3_Convertible_Limited_Edition_500_DCT/1055/
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