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  1. I still can't see the original car form this thread on Ebay yet. RE the red one Mammoet mentioned... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-1-7-SDI/153422954883?hash=item23b8b88183:g:uxUAAOSwO2pckpGv&frcectupt=true "anyone with an ounce of sense can see that this car is a near finished ground up restoration basically" Translation: It's a rusty heap, the front and rear arches are finished, utterly utterly ****ed M9
  2. If £500 is giving it away then it appears that he literally can't give it away... I think you might have to re-adjust your ideas about what these are worth these days fella.
  3. The new clutch went on man! £30 NOS LUK clutch I'd bought on Ebay years ago, £150 fitted locally. Daft not to as it made a £100 scrapper a saleable/working car. It's usually considered rude to ask about money, but given it's you Rich I'll make an exception I sold the car for £450 on 141K, new clutch, full years test, FSH and cambelt not due for another 8k. Could I have got more for it? Perhaps £50-£100 more, but I sold it to someone I like, didn't have to advertise it and also in doing so didn't have to deal with the Gumtree"Last price"/ "£300 cash tonight M8"/"Swap for a quad and a
  4. Right, the Lupo has now trundled on to pastures new, it's been a great car for the last 3/4 years but times change and things move on. I thought I'd pop back and say goodbye, weidersehen goodnight to all of you rather than just disappearing/stopping posting. You've been a good bunch and I've had lots of fun here, take it easy all
  5. It's not that unfortunately, my backs properly ****ed. I served as an apprentice diesel fitter for Leyland-Daf many moons ago and honestly believe three years of heavy goods work did for it, as a kind of delayed paypack it's only really started to kick in as I descend into middle age. Rather you than me chief. Tonight I'm reaching for the Cotes Du Rhone to stave off the aches
  6. *Shakes head* Why would anyone want to make a normally aspirated 1.6 Golf pop and bang? Can we file this with the threads where turbo diesel folk ask how to make their cars do 'owl noises'?
  7. Really!? I'd say more like £500 looking at completed auctions on Ebay. Mines on 140k, £30 tax and full service history from the day it was born, if someone offered me even £800 for it I'd take their hand off
  8. More Lupo fun today. The little red tractor scraped a pass on it's MOT this Wednesday but only just My tester's an understanding chap, so whilst he was prepared to pass it he did say the rear offside brake wanted looking at and that the front two weren't to hot either. The conversation went along the lines of "I'll pass and advise today but sort those ****ing brakes out" I had a look over the car that afternoon and from what I could see through the steel rims the front pads and discs looked worn and the rear offside wheel, whilst fine on the handbrake didn't do much a
  9. Aye, as I'd thought. Ages since I've done anything with drums. Thanks man.
  10. Yeah, that was my question really. So you don't need to re-adjust the adjuster wedge back into position after messing with it to get the drum off, it'll sort itself out, right?
  11. Simple one... If the drum has a lip and the shoe adjuster needs to be popped up to release the drum from the hub, when re installing does the adjuster need to be moved down again before/after installation of the drum, or is it self adjusting/fit and forget? Thanks in advance gentlemen.
  12. I'm pretty sure the front springs on the SDI are different to the other (Lesser) models in the range, part number is different and they're probably stiffer, at least that's what the VW parts guy would have me believe...
  13. I've had a set of Vredestein TTrack 2's on the the SDI, they've lasted circa 15k miles so far and still have loads of meat left (Even on the front which is quite impressive) They seem reasonably grippy but an SDI is hardly a performance car, on a 1.0mpi I think they'd probably fit the bill quite well and cost £30 a piece IIRC...
  14. Dunno really.... I suppose once stuff drops enough in value it all gets pineappled/barried to the point of extinction and then all that's left is scrap? Just not enough good/unmolested cars left perhaps~ People move on and start 'enhancing' newer cars~full circle.
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