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  1. Hi, do you insure American cars? 1990 5l V8 Camaro Manual, 400bhp, valued at 5000. Mods = LPG, Engine rebuild (heads, cam, intake, headers) BMW Wheels, Rebuilt upgraded diff, Fully poly bushed and powder coated suspension parts. 25, 5 years NCB 1 Crash not at fault(2009) Need European cover, Breakdown and if you do it track cover? although im yet to go on a track, it just sounds like a cool thing to have on insurance lol. had the car for 2 years and all work has been done while in my possession. Previous cars include 3l Turbo supra, Capris, 2.5l V6 Probe. Mk1 Escort, MGB GT, in that order. Also do you have to use an MOT tester you lot approve? Only because the Car has LSD and isn't your typical run of the mill drive. I don't trust many people to work on it, and wouldn't ever trust someone who worked at halfrauds to touch it either lol!
  2. Yeah I agree. Think 15" it is! Any ideas what the centre bore is on an Arosa? Will Mazda wheels fit? Also what offset/et is needed?
  3. Thank you, will probably end up going for 15". What ET would I need? Also what's the widest you can go?
  4. I have a mk2 Arosa with electric windows but the door is knacked(person before scrapped it on something) . I have the chance to replace the door (cheaply) with the same colour but it's off a mk1 and has manual windows, will it be a straight swap over of parts from my door to the new door (electric windows, door cards/locks/ mirrors etc...). Or will I need to drill new holes and make new bracket for everything?
  5. Just the basic 1.0l. Suits me really as a first car it's been really cheap to get on the road. Must say it's pretty nippy to, moves and handles exactly how id like it too. Which model is yours?
  6. How deep does the compatibility of these cars go? I understand the rear bumper and the front end are different(bonnets, wings and bumper). Are the doors the same? Ecu, gearbox, seat rails etc... Is everything else the same? Also is lp3g paint code used on Arosa (2001) be the same as Lupo paint code lp3g? If so and I wanted to swap a door over with a Lupo of the same colour it wouldn't be a different shade of red?
  7. Hi, I'm going to be buying wheels soon and was just wondering what size wheels suit these cars best? Currently has 14" on, I would think 16" would look two big and 15 would be about right? Although 13" could work if the correct style? Anybody got some simple pictures showing the different sizes? Jo.
  8. JL91


    Ah think I found it haha, I think I was just stuck on a page then found the home tab thing and loads of new stuff appeared! Thank you
  9. JL91


    Haha that's good to know. I'm pretty knew to the car forum scene, my partner is quite familiar however lol. But I'm sure it'll be nice to have somewhere to turn to if I get stuck! Is there a place on this site to ask questions? Or inquire about parts for sale or anything?
  10. JL91


    Thank you. I'm initially impressed by how all round cheap it is lol it's had a few bits and bobs done but will officially start being driven Friday.
  11. Loved reading this thread. Just bought a 2001 arosa myself and hoping it will end up an awesome project like yours. I'm the girlfriend of a mechanic and although its been nearly 3years I feel I'm still learning lol. look forward to seeing more!
  12. JL91


    Hiya, I'm Jo. Just purchased my first car (very exciting) and found myself with a seat arosa. Loving it already. Hoping to meet new people and maybe discuss ideas/ issues in the future!
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