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  1. Not updated this for a while Car is still running strong, at Gti Inters i managed 10.7 sec pass @ 136 Mph Next outing is Vw Action at Santa Pod late August, hoping to be running Sequential shift Dog Box and aiming for low 10s
  2. Thought i'd update the thread ahead of new show/race season just before car was put away for the winter i managed a 10.9 sec run at santa pod on pump fuel, well pleased Car has been mapped on race fuel since so first outing next month should be interesting It was also featured in Practical Performance Magazine in this months issue
  3. Few vids here, setting of in 2nd gear slipping the clutch and not side stepping it same run from inside https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=597489493702478&set=vb.251587184959379&type=2&theater Another run setting off in 1st gear, not the best as its very short geared vs power, diesel 02m final drive to be installed soon
  4. Car performed faultlessly all w-end and managed 11.2sec @127 Mph without gas so looks like an easy 10.xx sec pass next time with nitrous installed
  5. No probs any time Lots more done to the car mainly cosmetics but today also managed to squeeze in rolling road sess to make sure all is well Few pics Then i did nut and bolt check and swapped to race rubber ready for car to be loaded onto the trailer tmrw
  6. No vids sorry not drove it much tbh due to doing bodywork trying to get it ready for Inters
  7. Sooo been busy few days I'v managed to get wheel alignment done, running Front -0.8 deg neg camber and half a degree toe in Rear -0.5 deg neg camber and half a deg toe in Done few pulls like this and car is straight as an arrow but it may be different story on prepped track with sticky rubber and higher speeds involved! So i will consider Inters as my testing w-end After the wheel alignment i started on bodywork thu eve and spent most of the w-end on it, used 2K oem colour paint over 2K beige primer Today costa del Blackpool was blessed with sun so we decided to apply some yellow! Very happy with results considering conditions it has been prepped and painted in! Few paint runs to flat down then some 1200 wet and dry all over followed with a buffing session should have it looking quite good
  8. Started on bodywork already smoothin arches in It will be Oem yellow LDB1
  9. Called round my local Ats and asked my mate that works there to quickly check wheel alignment As suspected all 4 wheels were out but not by much so my eye is still a good one Never touched camber and castor angles, literally just tweaked rear tow and tracked front wheels to them, not perfect but close enough to carry out some testing Had few runs slowly upping the load on transmission components carefuuly looking for anything untoward Had one spirited set off in 1st gear and heard a metallic sounding "click" typea knock from just behind me, then when i braked it clicked again Knowing that something was moving i drove it back home and left it til today. I knew it couldnt have been much as it drove great when not been abused This morning i decided to deal with inlet manifold to bonnet clearance first so i can drive car properly looking for snags Went local Subaru breakers and aquired an impreza bonnet scoop and set about fitting it as it looked perfect for the job in hand Made a template for it and offered it where it should be Then dfid a brave thing and started drilling rare aluminium bonnet! Then cut it out leaving some tabs for scoop to be fixed to Few tweaks later scoop dropped in and now bonnet is almost fully closed with plenty room to spare around inlet manifold I decided to mount it wrong way round to vent air out instead of scooping as per impreza I will add another couple of small vents at rear edge of bonnet above exhaust manifold to vent heat out Inlet can be seen in this pic With bonnet done i went out for a test run to try and locate clicking/knocking noise and this time i had an idea that it could be from rear diff cradle area so returned home and got the car on ramps to nip up bolts a bit more, got nearly half a turn on each bolt Took car out again and replicated hard acceleration and hard breaking and knocking was no longer there, result Then i decided to try some proper launching of the lights with 4wd fully engaged! 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear on full boost and wot throughout rev range and car responded like a scalded cat !! No wheel spin at all just a heavy kick up the backside and off it went. Felt very quick indeed As i was driving past a recycling place decided to call in and get Lupo on to the weigh bridge Was surprised at weigh in result and a bit peed off if i am honest as it weighed in at 1020kg some 50-60kg then i was hoping for but it is on quite heavy 16" audi rims and about 20 litres of fuel so there is room for improvement so sub 1000kg should be easy to achieve Further testing with racelogic timing gear will take place mid week Few random pics
  10. At mot station It is now fully mot-ed, first drive to test centre was quite good, no knocks bangs or anything untoward apart from long brake pedal travel but all discs and pads are new?machined so lots of bedding in is needed Steering was a little woolly but that is down to need for full wheel alingment Tuesday it will have 4 wheel alignment done followed by a proper test drive!
  11. Mot tomorrow Installing polycarb windows and sorting out wide arches First drive coming up tmrw! If all is well and no major snags then wheel alignment is next followe by some fresh paint prior to Inters
  12. Tonight i have started on electrics so decided to mount race battery first It came with a cradle for vertical mounting against a flat surface but i had no space to mount it in that way so i made a backing plate to turn cradle into a box And then mounted it over the g.box mount Then added main earth and starter wire made in nice thick cable and proper crimps Tested for cranking power and all is well, engine turns over nice and fast Under rebuild........
  13. Good news! Engine/G.box/exh manifold/Turbo fits Lupo bay just like in Audi so i cracked on by bolting the lot in Swapped gearboxes first and rerouted turbo oil drain pipe so it clears transfer box Then i prepped the engine bay and wiggled the engine/box in, it is tight in there! Quick update Engine and box fully strapped in Brakes done Clutch hydraulics plumbed in, nice and light pedal Coolant plumbed in Boost hoses done Fuel lines all done Today i'v chopped and welded propshaft, 80mm taken out from full length Audi TT shaft so its fairly long wheel base for a Lupo, same as mk1 Golf maybe a bit longer All bolted in, nice and straight and level, very happy indeed Few pics Cut Then cut 80mm of the shaft and check it's straight Nice and flat, also shamfered edges for a stronger weld(no pic) Weld all round then add 4x stitches 90* across for extra strength Job done Prop bolted on and also hoop bearing brackets are done(no pic) Lots of room for the exhaust as i am planning to run 4" downpipe once 2.0L stroker is built and fitted breathing through a GT3582R Free time permitting next w-end engine should be running and car driving for the first time Oil cooler to mount yet, electrics to sort, management to install, gauges to wire in, exhaust to make etc etc then onto bodywork, mainly arches to graft on Still on track to have it race ready at inters for its first outing, body may be in several colours and held by gaffer tape but it will be there!
  14. Sooo, a bit more done on the Lupo Wiring rerouted in situ again inside the car and dashboard carcass offered up Gearbox washed and semi mounted so i can work out placement and fabricate mounts for gear shifter Quickshift also installed and trialed along with solid bowden cable ends, its very clickety click Bought some heat mating wich i have finished off along the edges with aluminium tape to prevent fraying Starting to look like a car again Also fuel pumps wired in, good thick main +12v feed and 60 Amp relay located adjacent to pumps for minimal losses Made a shifter mounting frame/platform Took great care into choosing best possible position that suits my self, height and slight angle. Feels very comfy and right where it should be Also started on interior, looking for best placement for gauges etc and reailised Lupo heater controls dials plastic housing looked about right as a gauge holder Offered up a gauge holder against it i had made ages ago and it lines up perfect on outer two holes Riveted on to it Middle hole needs bit of plastic cutting out And a little grind Loose fitted into dashboard, it will simply click into the place, job done A3 donated its powerplant Soon to be bolted to the 4wd 02M box and bolted under Lupo bonnet I will try if present tubular manifold/turbo combo clears Lupo brake servo, if it does i will leave it as it is for now in order to try and complete the car in time for inters
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