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  1. £700 to take into account the extra (garage) work....
  2. I haven't done any of the mechanical work .... not sure what the head bit is but I can tell you more if you're intersted?
  3. Following on.... I went to a differnt garage who had a different opinion on what needed doing to her which they have now done so that she can be safely driven. She now has new brake discs, pads and water pump. They don't think she needs an expansion tank. I'll get some pics up soon too.
  4. Hi - good advice Skezza. Am getting another garage to look at the brakes/pump - who a friend recommended - so that it is safe to drive. Pics to come too.
  5. Thanks MK2 - really appreciate that feedback. I really hope someone would be intested in her who would have a bit of fun doing her up. Breaking my heart for sure but I don't have the skills or money to do it justice. You could have a road trip up here - I'll throw in some of Yorkshire's finest
  6. Make: VW Lupo 53 reg Model: SDI MOT: August 2021 Engine size: 1716 CC Fuel type: Diesel Milage: 78k Location: York ***UPDATE ON REPAIRS*** New brake discs and pads fitted, and water pump fitted. *************************** I am really hoping someone wants her who can really do the work on her - cracking little car that gave me my independence after I was ill : I’ve had her 2.5 years. The positives? In the last 2 years she’s had new battery, alternator, pedal box, and in March 2021 new brake discs, pads and water pump . Full service includi
  7. Did just that - borrowed multimeter and found a good vid on You Tube - and as Skezza mentioned it looked to me like the radio and DAB aerial (both put in by previous owner .....). Decided to pay someone to do a good check over - I was a bit concerned in case I'd missed something - and he confirmed and fixed it. All good. Cheers for your help and advice. On to bodywork which I'm much more comfortable with.
  8. Yup it's going to be a load of joy! Last car I had to tinker with was a MK1 fiesta which was great. Won't make any references to the similarity between my lupo and baked bean tins .... 🙄 At the moment I'll be satisfied with sorting out the battery draw.
  9. Hi Hi MK2 - thanks for your advice. I'm very new to this. What is the EGR, what does it do and where can I find it? It sounds serious.
  10. Thanks Skezza! Am new to this, could you give me any pointers to look for? I didn't get install instructions as part of when I bought it. Cheers.
  11. G'day - new (to me) Lupo owner here in York. Silver SDI diesel ... pretty sure I've seen a very similar one blasting around around here too! Got a few things to sort out - few paintwork issues, fan only operating at level 4 (think it's the resistor from other posts on this forum) and non-functioning rear windscreen wiper and washer. Currently have a flat battery though so one thing at a time!
  12. It has - the previous owner to me had put in a blaupunkt
  13. My Lupo had a brand new battery in September. I use it pretty much daily but it's been on the driveway for less than 2 weeks, and it's flat as a pancake. Anyone have any ideas?
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