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  1. Did just that - borrowed multimeter and found a good vid on You Tube - and as Skezza mentioned it looked to me like the radio and DAB aerial (both put in by previous owner .....). Decided to pay someone to do a good check over - I was a bit concerned in case I'd missed something - and he confirmed and fixed it. All good. Cheers for your help and advice. On to bodywork which I'm much more comfortable with.
  2. Yup it's going to be a load of joy! Last car I had to tinker with was a MK1 fiesta which was great. Won't make any references to the similarity between my lupo and baked bean tins .... 🙄 At the moment I'll be satisfied with sorting out the battery draw.
  3. Hi Hi MK2 - thanks for your advice. I'm very new to this. What is the EGR, what does it do and where can I find it? It sounds serious.
  4. Thanks Skezza! Am new to this, could you give me any pointers to look for? I didn't get install instructions as part of when I bought it. Cheers.
  5. G'day - new (to me) Lupo owner here in York. Silver SDI diesel ... pretty sure I've seen a very similar one blasting around around here too! Got a few things to sort out - few paintwork issues, fan only operating at level 4 (think it's the resistor from other posts on this forum) and non-functioning rear windscreen wiper and washer. Currently have a flat battery though so one thing at a time!
  6. It has - the previous owner to me had put in a blaupunkt
  7. My Lupo had a brand new battery in September. I use it pretty much daily but it's been on the driveway for less than 2 weeks, and it's flat as a pancake. Anyone have any ideas?
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