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  1. Thank you! much appreciated, hopefully I can get it all built up soon!
  2. Thank you! ☺️ Units not the greatest place but it does the job and is a good size especially for the price!
  3. Lower engine mount painted with the powerflex bushes fitted, wishbone bushes are now fitted but I dont have a photo currently. . Subframe painted gloss black The BBS after i finished painting them, couldn’t be happier with these, over the moon with them! Black spiked wheel bolts, need a bit of polish as they’re supposed to be glossy Mock up fitting of the BBS with a 1.5” dish, will not be running these dishes but hopefully the fitment will be similar with a touch of camber 😅 Before and after of the Polo GTI rear calipers Rear caliper carrie
  4. Here we are, a month later... not a huge amount of progress since last time as I've been super busy with college assignments, finishing up jobs and exams all at the same time, nearly all done now but due to Covid-19, we're all stuck inside at home so I can't work on the Lupo. However I did bring some bits home with me from the unit so I wasn't bored over the 3 weeks we have to stay home. Rear beam needs the power flex bushes fitting and the gti spoiler is currently bing worked on, almost ready for some fibreglass to start going on once I've finished shaping the foam how I want! Just befo
  5. Once again, I've forgotten to update this as I go along with things on the Lupo, will update with pictures when I get more time but for now I'll just have to write down all the things I've done.. or at least what I can remember!😅 So rear beam. and subframe were removed and taken to a sandblaster, fully blasted and given back to me where I then etch primed them and gave them a few coats of high build primer before painting them gloss black, all the other components from the underside have been taken to college and I've prepped them either in the smaller sandblasting machine or by hand were
  6. Pretty much Just a bit of a restoration job, doing what I can myself but I'm happy with progress so far!
  7. Bit of an update on the way, lacking in pictures though so I'll sort that out soon! Going to try and start using this a bit more so I can log all the stuff I do... So last September I decided to go back to college and have a go at vehicle bodywork and paint and its fair to say, I'm not too bad at it.. currently on my second year now doing level 3 and I'm loving it, painted plenty of the Lupo's parts already and college even has a sand blasting machine which is super fun to use. Anyway, in April I took over a small unit from my friend and last month another friend moved in with me and
  8. Ahh never thought of that! Cheers!
  9. Not a lot happening with the Lupo currently.. Got my new seats, got to figure out how to mount them and then get them sent off for a retrim! Sport bumper has been dropped off with a friend for smoothing along with a couple other bits and pieces for some work! Interior is currently all over the place and in a bit of a state but that’ll be cleaned up when the door cards and seats are trimmed and i’ve sorted out a new boot build and fitted the air suspension again!😅 Using my friends Unit next month to get a few things painted ready for putting it all back together over the sum
  10. Its been off the road since the start of October, I just forgot to update this at the time, also I'm from Nottingham about 3 hours away so it definitely wouldn't have been me!
  11. Thanks, it'll only get better from now! ☺️
  12. Just about everything but the engine!😅
  13. It might be but im going back to college soon to do vehicle accident repair and bodywork stuff so i’ll sort it out soon! Saves me buying more parts, plus i kind of like my sticker!?
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