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  1. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Its been off the road since the start of October, I just forgot to update this at the time, also I'm from Nottingham about 3 hours away so it definitely wouldn't have been me!
  2. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Thanks, it'll only get better from now! ☺️
  3. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Just about everything but the engine!😅
  4. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

  5. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    It might be but im going back to college soon to do vehicle accident repair and bodywork stuff so i’ll sort it out soon! Saves me buying more parts, plus i kind of like my sticker!?
  6. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    It doesnt need a new wing? The wings in good condition, just needs the damage repairing but i’ll sort it when i have time and money to do so! Theres things that need doing that are more than a bit of missing paint!
  7. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Realised its been a while again... so since last time I've not done too much apart from install my new bags and new wheels, which are now up for sale!? Heres a few pictures to keep you occupied while we all wait for something interesting to happen... and yes, I know my cars facing the same way in every picture!?
  8. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Don't worry, new ones will be ready soon!
  9. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Hit a pothole dude! I was going to avoid it but there was a bus going around a parked lory so it was either go in the pothole or hit the curb and it turned out to be a much deeper pothole than I expected!
  10. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Not a lot has happened, few changes are and there before early edition.. managed to snap a front strut though so new bags are in order very soon! Not fun driving 5 miles home with a snapped strut, wouldn't recommend it!
  11. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Which one are you talking about?
  12. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Yeah its my friends Yellow Lupo! She likes the but she does get a few strange looks! As for my friends across rom me, his car slid on the ice we had a few weeks ago and went into another car!
  13. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Be Nice! need to cut the bump stops out and see how that works out really but it will be done at some point! Thank you very much and I certainly did!
  14. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Well, show seasons started again so I may as well start updating this! Not a lot has happened over winter but the car looks so much better and I'm super super happy with it and its not even finished yet! Middle of December and I decided to buy manual air management, week later and I was on my way to get bags! I had absolutely no knowledge on air ride or how to fit it but 3 days into the new year and the rear was bagged and tucking the tyre nicely! Since I was running 1/4" lines all the way through I had to order new braided front lines and wait for them to be delivered, when they finally came they sat in the shed for a couple weeks while I found motivation to finish it but with constant reminders from my friends that Ultimate Dubs 2018 was 2 weeks away I cracked on and got it bagged completely... still needs an alignment but its fine for now! Also had my bumper repaired and smoothed since it was on the to do list anyway, decided to have it done all in one go! Currently having some wheels refurbished and then the front height will be sorted so it sits as low as it can then I'll start on sorting out the interior! Thanks for reading!
  15. Lewiss_Lupo

    Lewis' Soft Blue Lupo

    Show seasons done for another year... Got a few changes coming for next season, hopefully be able to get into a few more shows and meet a few more people! Had such a good year with this little car, looking forward to next year! Yes, I managed to hit the wall next to my driveway too... thats being sorted soon!

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