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  1. Pretty much Just a bit of a restoration job, doing what I can myself but I'm happy with progress so far!
  2. Bit of an update on the way, lacking in pictures though so I'll sort that out soon! Going to try and start using this a bit more so I can log all the stuff I do... So last September I decided to go back to college and have a go at vehicle bodywork and paint and its fair to say, I'm not too bad at it.. currently on my second year now doing level 3 and I'm loving it, painted plenty of the Lupo's parts already and college even has a sand blasting machine which is super fun to use. Anyway, in April I took over a small unit from my friend and last month another friend moved in with me and her Lupo is now stored there with mine. Back to the Lupo... Its been off the road for a year now and its been living in my unit for about 3 weeks, interior is an absolute s**t show but it will all be sorted one day, currently got no dash, no trims or anything, just headlining, drivers seat and a false floor in the back. The car is on axle stands all round and the only thing left on the underside is brake and fuel lines, fuel tank and rear beam is held on with 2 bolts, ready to come off at the weekend. To keep me occupied on my free time and at weekends, I've been stripping the suspension right down, all bolts are labelled and bagged up and everything on the underside is being cleaned up so its all nice and fresh. Since I don't have much money or earn much at all only working part time, I'm doing as much as I can on the car by myself and with friends, with the aim of getting it ready for VW Days over in France in June 2020.. no pressure.. Ok, so ignore the back wall and how sketchy it looks.. we'll probably make it nice one day but it'll do for now! But thats both our cars in, I have storage for all my paint and stuff on the other side across from my car. This was when we got the dash out, fairly easy job from the looks of things.. I just made tea and coffee for everyone as I wasn't looking forward to it... And here we have a floating Lupo with no front end... Thanks for reading, I'll be sure to update this more often as I get stuff done!😄
  3. Ahh never thought of that! Cheers!
  4. Not a lot happening with the Lupo currently.. Got my new seats, got to figure out how to mount them and then get them sent off for a retrim! Sport bumper has been dropped off with a friend for smoothing along with a couple other bits and pieces for some work! Interior is currently all over the place and in a bit of a state but that’ll be cleaned up when the door cards and seats are trimmed and i’ve sorted out a new boot build and fitted the air suspension again!😅 Using my friends Unit next month to get a few things painted ready for putting it all back together over the summer and then its time to save for some nice wheels!👀 No pictures im afraid, for some reason my images are ‘too large’ to post on the page.. dont know if anyone else is having trouble with this or if its just me!🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Its been off the road since the start of October, I just forgot to update this at the time, also I'm from Nottingham about 3 hours away so it definitely wouldn't have been me!
  6. Thanks, it'll only get better from now! ☺️
  7. Just about everything but the engine!😅
  8. It might be but im going back to college soon to do vehicle accident repair and bodywork stuff so i’ll sort it out soon! Saves me buying more parts, plus i kind of like my sticker!?
  9. It doesnt need a new wing? The wings in good condition, just needs the damage repairing but i’ll sort it when i have time and money to do so! Theres things that need doing that are more than a bit of missing paint!
  10. Realised its been a while again... so since last time I've not done too much apart from install my new bags and new wheels, which are now up for sale!? Heres a few pictures to keep you occupied while we all wait for something interesting to happen... and yes, I know my cars facing the same way in every picture!?
  11. Don't worry, new ones will be ready soon!
  12. Hit a pothole dude! I was going to avoid it but there was a bus going around a parked lory so it was either go in the pothole or hit the curb and it turned out to be a much deeper pothole than I expected!
  13. Not a lot has happened, few changes are and there before early edition.. managed to snap a front strut though so new bags are in order very soon! Not fun driving 5 miles home with a snapped strut, wouldn't recommend it!
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