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  1. POP OUTS please will that price include the pillars so I can fit it to my non Pop Out Car ? also Posted to Manchester ?
  2. was it a 100 relay I'm having the exact same issue Cheers Dan
  3. No Shlammed hehe bouncy bouncy
  4. If the vin says red lupo and its on a red lupo whose to know . . . but yeah technically illegal "Ringing" I think you an retain both identities and Q plate the one thats on the road but i dont know why you'd bother, Ive never really got the whole re-shelling thing . if you got 2 cars one has good mechanics but shell is effed ant the other is mechanically pooped but has a nice shell , just put the running gear in the good shell and use that.
  5. Whist I was fitting said wheels i noticed the rear suspension was floppy a **** lol - fitting coilovers this week <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RMGVNLO2ALM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> video-1476987295.mp4
  6. got some new (second hand) wheels 15 x 8 et 25 fit perfect
  7. Hi All, just thought i'd start a "build thread" for the lols. this is the day I got the tea bag home
  8. D_A_N

    Hello New here

    Not to undermine Wes's knowledge of lupos as I'm new here too but i'm fairly mechanically minded but if your not dont worry too much I think reverse synchros in alot of cars are a bit iffy I've had multiple cars where you have to rev it a little or select reverse a few times even my impreza some times will only select reverse with a crunch especially when cold, and I know the train in that car is all true. But also as Wes Says more specific details will help people on the forum diagnose the problem could just be you need to do a oil change/top up on your box or one of the issues mentioned before. ^
  9. D_A_N

    1.4 TDI 150BHP?

    Cool did you do the EGR delete? or just do the map ?
  10. D_A_N

    1.4 TDI 150BHP?

    Hi I cant help with advice but I'd like to get my Lupo Tdi upto about 100hp i recon it would be well fun did it take many supporting mods or was just a remap? seems like quite a gain over 75rated hp ? I notice your not too far from me whee did you get your map done?
  11. D_A_N

    "Switchback" DRLs

    intereested in seeing the actual wiring on this as I wouldnt mind doing this myself have you considered selling a kit ? with the 3d printed Holders and wiring done so simpletons like me an just plug and play ?
  12. I think photos may help ?
  13. D_A_N

    15x8 with et of 25

    You/we will probably need Caber shims and bolts which ill buy and fit with my coilovers
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