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    So all Lupo GTI 6 speed gearboxes (GVX, FUT and so on) are based on the bigger Polo 02T gearbox. The maine case, diff and gear design are the same as in a 5 speed 02T. 02T is the name of the family of the gearboxes and the three letter code, is what differentiate these gearboxes (in term of ratios and stuff). The main difference is fifth and sixth gear and the back case. So, 02T and 02U are almost the same. For you to belive me, i have installed in my 9N Polo a 6 speed FUT from a 2003 GTI, and is 100% plug and play. I've studied and the GTI gearboxes have the best gearing of all these 6 speed boxes, you only need a shorter ration final drive. I'm not sure about this info and it has to be checked and see if it fits, but the 1.2 6v 9N has a 02T with a 4.4 or 4.5:1 final drive, as opposed to our 4.19:1 ratios. Don't search for 12v gearbox, because that also has 4.19:1 ratios. Good luck!
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    Not sure, cant find anything definite about what 3.0M-1 means, but it is smoke opacity and particulate matter and it might just be a that the m-1 part just means per meter.so xxxppm per meter? but that doesnt make much sense either as it would be per M3 OK found it: Smoke Density (Km-1) - (also known as “Light Extinction Coefficient” and “Light Absorption Coefficient”) A fundamental means of quantifying the ability of a smoke plume or smoke containing gas sample to obscure light. By convention, smoke density is expressed on a per meter basis (m-1). The smoke density is a function of the number of smoke particles per unit gas volume, the size distribution of the smoke particles, and the light absorption and scattering properties of the particles. In the absence of blue or white smoke, the size distribution and the light absorption/scattering properties are similar for all diesel exhaust gas samples and the smoke density is primarily a function of the smoke particle density.
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    Apparently an Alfa Romeo 166 ballast is the same.
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    Yeah I bet, but not sure if needed to fit decompression plate
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    Unless he is turning the engine off then he isn't doing it as well as he can. I used to have a switch for doing precisely this.
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    It's self adjusting. Yeah, fit and forget. So fit the wedge so the spring is stretched, trying to pull it back down again. When the brake operates with the handbrake and then the footbrake, it slides down to take up the slack. Simple and neat system whoever came up with it. To remove, if you can't get the drum off, line up one of the wheel bolt holes with the adjuster wedge and slide it up with a screwdriver. A torch is handy there.
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    I wouldn't bother doing the swap and I would just buy my 9n3 which i am looking to offload so I can spend some proper money on fuel.
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    I know the later Fabia can be fitted to a Lupo.
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    Here u go: https://uk-polos.net/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=63759 bottom of page 1 BMS is different crank sensor and oil level sensor. I have a spare AMF out of Audi A2 if you are in need.
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    A while back I discovered an alternative engine code for the SDI... Standard is AKU. There is another code in my silver SDI. From new. 1.7 diesel. Looks and runs exactly the same as my other SDI. When I find it again I'll post it.
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    They are physically the same but off the top of my head I think some (or all) of them have crank position sensor triggered differently. I have a dead BNV on the bench I will go look at it in a mo. The AMF appears to be most robust re oil pump / balance shaft chain shenanigans, based on nothing more than my not seeing (as far as i remember) any reports of failure on them and many AMF engines going 200+k mileage but plenty of failures on the later variants.
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    Remove alternator belt. If it goes away you know it is alternator or Pas. If the whining sounds female then slap it
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    I do hear what you are saying and will not use the term VW or a model again (even though it is my artwork as you state). I'll make a car pin badge available to people on here that looks similar to a blue car I used to own
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    I had a third gear replaced by a vag monkey and we used parts from the Scirocco range of 02t boxes.
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    Quaife do a gear kit I believe. Edit: Not for the 02T, but other variations of the 02 box. Not sure if these would fit. Also no CWP listed so you'd be stuck with the standard FD. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/quaife-vag-6-speed-synchromesh-gearkit
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    It's not a trademark infringment if there's no mention on the product itself that it is a VW! Use the analogy that a child at school made a painting of a car that looks like a VW Beetle (for example)... There's no mention of VW (The trade mark is VW). That pic is now reproduced in a newspaper all over the world in millions. The image (or in this case, item) is a facsimile or caricature of an item and is an interpretation of the original design. It is clearly not a copy, doesn't claim to be an original item or claim to be made by the manufacturer. What a load of BS. If anything, it's copyright infringment as it looks like 'a thing'. Serve them an injunction and tell them to FO. Carry on selling YOUR work of art on here. Hey, just had a thought... any publicity is good publicity. You could use this VW letter to help you sell more and raise the public awareness of your business. If the media ran a story about how a small arty one-man business was threatened with legal action because of the pure appreciation and admiration of a model of car, with worldwide following, people would be outraged. It'd make a great headline story..... raise your business's awareness for sure.
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    160 on the road and 604 sorn,Rich may have a few of the sorn!
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    approx 7.5 gal tank, but 260 / 7.5 = about 35mpg. Mine does about 360 on short journeys = 48mpg. (60+mpg when i do long runs). Duff temp sensor means it runs a cold richer map and apart from clogged air filter, binding brakes, soggy tyres, fuel leaks, injector seal leak (rising oil level) is the most likely suspect.
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    Pin badges, nice quality and I'm a fan. Thank you for creating.
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    Someone may have siphoned your fuel out?
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    I always liked the 106
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    Not wasting any time, back in Tsukuba Circuit where it belongs
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    Good to see this is still alive (well, sort of ). I remember following the build thread back in the day... Be sure to post updates
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    Redex that takes me back 20 years or so,just watched firth gear on YouTube with it,think I will use a bottle good stuf.
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    Lots of start stop driving and frequent cold starts can cause the cat to clog up. A 30 minute steady run on the motorway will clean it out.

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