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    My internet protection server always marks this site as "not secure" placed next to a red warning triangle, with this in mind users might be cautious about personal stuff they upload
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    😁Hello after lurking on the site for a over a year I have now a Lupo.Japan import 79k all belts and pulleys done.All stock and staying as is.I live one mile from work so I’m keeping the car hopefully 15 years,can anyone tell me how to set the clock? The car was on piston heads for about 9 months! Here are a few pictures.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! @lupo_ro, it's not a swap, I rebuilt the engine with new parts: bearings, piston rings, valves and seats done, oil pump, seals, gaskets, crankcase breather, timing belts a.s.o. After some issues with the clutch disc on the first try to install the engine I took all out again and installed again using a new disc (Topran, it was KM in the box). Finally started the engine yesterday evening, seems to sound well. It was a short run, no coolant and radiator hoses missing, no exhaust only header with first kat so it made a bit of noise. Have to clean the inner axle joints, change an outer boot and install gear shift linkage today and maybe take it to a drive. VID_20181227_204306.mp4
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    Hi all! I'm Ionuț (I believe my name would be Johnny in English) and I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I bought during summer a not running 1.4 AUB Lupo, thought it had broken timing belt but there was much more, the exhaust camshaft being seized. It suposed to be a winter car, I usually ride a motorcycle and my wife drives our family car. Winter is here and I'm still working on the little Lupo, I fully rebuild the engine and these days trying to finish putting all back together. Merry Christmas everybody!
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    Gotta love the Cambridge quest. What about the glovebox? That would have transferred.
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    I really like this car a lot. For me personally it combines the best bits of my two lupo's (the 1.0 and the Gti) into a good package. The LED lights. I prefer them compared to the daytime running lights on the Volvo which is basically dipped beam. So in the night you thought you where running dipped beam when you where not. I wish they where not supplied but its a legal requirement now..... The Lupo Gti is a car where the power is on all the time. Ok when you can use it. But the Up its good all the time as its turbo charged. Economy is very good. I regularly get over 55mpg on a run (I don't drive it daily though due to a change in circumstances). A longer motorway run in excess of 60mpg. The Lupo Gti I can get just of 40mpg on the motorway, the 1.0ltr lupo I had was over 50mpg but acceleration in that was so long (17 seconds!)
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    Agree with Richard, good story Sorry but I've never been a fan of ATS Cup wheels 😅
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    Thanks all time now set👍
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    I like it. I like the story too.
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    As we all know the GTI has different ball joints to a standard Lupo and all the 3rd party ones never fit because they just give you standard ones. Well I was on buycarparts just having a look and noticed these https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/rts/7883717 From the picture they looked like GTI ones so I figured for the price I'd just have a go and see, no harm done if they were the wrong ones...Well it arrived and they are identical to the GTI ball joints. Got a brand new VW one for comparison so here's a few pictures comparing them. Definitely handy seeing as the OEM one's are a pain in the arse to get hold of!
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    Ok. To round this story off. Basically the reason I bought the Volvo was the car I wanted was not available at the time (god damn Vw), ideally what I would of liked to have done is traded in the 1.0 lupo in for this car but that was not possible due to reliability issues, so I subsquently sold it, it was on the road for a year 1/2 after I sold it then scrapped by the end 2016 (Sad times, I do miss that car in some respects). But the Car I wanted came available this year. I ordered it in February and got it by Mid June (pretty good considering some people have waited since Feb and have not got a car). Here it is. I don't think I need to say anymore. Its been quite a year for me in a lot of respects. I still have the Lupo Gti too.
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    Need to contact you regarding insurance, hopefully sort something out next couple of days.
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    1.8t BAM block with AGU head, 6speed leon cupra gearbox with quaife LSD, 330hp 440nM revs to 8k + - so its pretty "revvy"
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    More people need to come onboard.
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    The SDI is a very heavy lump... but it uses the exact same block as the 1.9 line of diesel engines. Not tried the 1.2 petrol, but you're certainly correct, as it's a much lighter thing. At least 75kg lighter I'd imagine.
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    Especially with the excellent Spanish contingent which we have on here
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    A couple of pictures from the trackday -
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    2 for me... both £30, one's S spec, the other E. I like the simpler E spec. Less to go wrong, esp leccy windows and those god awful VAG central locking switches.
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    Cheers mate! Nah I didn't realise that, kinda sucks! My insurance is due Jan and I was actually thinking of looking at a more specialist place to insure it anyway. Will have to have a chat with them when it comes to it! Small update, got myself a custom steering wheel! Flat bottom like the newer VW ones but with the standard lupo centre so theres no issues with airbag/horn! Love it
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    A few more pictures, Nothing has really changed apart from a few interior knobs and switches. Really need to remove those window tints.
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    I should update this more often, it's been nearly 6 months since last time The 15th of May marked the 2nd year of ownership of the car, and I sometimes wonder why I didn't buy one of these earlier... So far and since my last update, the car has had a very small service, new spark plugs and cleaning of the leads alongside a new air filter. I'm waiting to do the oil service, having already bough the filter and the oil. After having to jumpstart the car a couple of times, it turned out the old battery was dead. I tried doing a whole charging cycle on it which didn't work at all, so in the end I had to buy a new battery . As for changes, I bought and installed a Gamma radio as the plan is to fit 8 speakers this summer. And yes, I know these were standard in the UK And now a couple pictures of a little drive I did this morning:
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    Yeah but it will fall off in about 8 seconds if its from poundland

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