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    audi pots are 5x100. youll need the 15mm adaptors if your not doiing any arch work...youll need to cmaber the front slightly as my pots with 15mm adaptors catch the plastic arch liner on sharpish bends
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    I'd nominate Ford, Audi and VW for great cars. I mean great in the iconic old crap kind of way. Ford: Escort MK1 & 2 Mexico and RS2000, MK3 RS Turbo, Sierra Cosworth, Escort Cosworth, Capri. Audi: A4 (touring cars), Quattro from 80s rallying. VW: Golf (all variants), Type 1 Beetle.
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    OK guys enough now, someone needs a tampon... everyones different, me, rich and ben are bass heads... you obviously opt for a bit of sq (sound quaility), whereas we can have the best of both (bass knobs are wonderfull devices) as ben said he sometimes knocks the bass down to listen to the clarity of the speakers rich installed. To be honest I though ed38 was to show off your car...which is what rich was doing when you got "bombarded with bass"
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    ahh well **** happens eh! the subframe has been welded up you can see it underneath the car... the engine did a 200mile run back to plymouth, so if it was ****ed surely there wouldda bin some sign of this.. there is one wheel which needs a dent banging out, nothing major tbh for what i paid for it, even if the engine blows up tomorrow, i could near enough sell it for what i bought it for in parts. anyway, enough negativity, its at a good home now. regardless of previous owners, i look after my cars and this will be no exception. IMO it has proved it was solid enough to do a 200mile run sat at 70-80 then there cant be much 'engine problems' with it...
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    FOUND!! big thanx to everyone for keeping eyes peeled but its been found at workington this afternoon with 3 kerberd wheels and sat nav missing nothing major thanx again peoples
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    FOUND!! big thanx to everyone for keeping eyes peeled but its been found at workington this afternoon with 3 kerberd wheels and sat nav missing nothing major thanx again peoples
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    I'd prefer to see the +/- options removed. the old "Like" system was good and worked. But the +/- system is adding too much negativity to what is already a negative forum at the moment.
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    If we see you in the rear view, we will make sure to take the next turn off
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    Pissed myself at the slow motion crash. And the Retard button. I know it's getting more scripted by the minute, but it's still hilarious.
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    175/50 do look good looking at TyreStretch.com, Cheaper 175/50, but not an amazing brand.
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    Id be bored watching a show about the new insignia or some other rep mobile , i want to see super cars i cant afford being thrashed about. As said by someone else, the normal cars can be test driven at the local garages.
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    You don't need any more than a semi-synthetic 10w/40.
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    hello, thought i would post a link to my best mates website. he's 19 and bin doing photography for about 2 years now, he mainly focuses on motorsport. check it out: http://www.willainsworth.com/
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    Its fairly easy on the 1 litre. You will need: Parts: New oil filter Oil Tools: Oil tray 19mm spanner or socket. Most of the 1 litres didnt have any under car guard so thats a job taken care of straight away. If yours does then its a simple case of a small Torx bolt or 4. This is easier when the engine is slightly warm as the oil is nice and thin but dont worry if its not warmed. Start by jacking up the car at the front using the correct jacking points, they are in the handbook but just get the jack under the back bolt of the wishbone, you cant go wrong there. Go in from the side not the front! Once the car is in the air on one side put a stand under it, slide the oil tray directly below the sump plug and using the 19mm spanner unfasten and remove the plug. Dont drop it in the tray as this is messy! Remove the stand and lower the car to a level where you arent crushing the tray but the sump is fairly level. Whilst the oil is draining unfasten the oil filter trying to get the oil tray to catch the oil from the sump and from the filter! Slightly oil the rubber seal of the new filter with clean oil, once the filter is on turn it as tight as you can or as the filter fitting instruction says on the box, its normally a quarter turn once the rubber seal has mated to the metal. By now the oil should have finished draining so jack the car back up, slide the stand under and refit the sump plug and tighten, remember that this bolt only has to hold itself in there so you dont have to go crazy when tightening it, just a good pull will do fine. Remove the oil tray and stand and lower the car, fill with the oil, checking regularly on the dipstick to get the correct level, I normally fill to the max mark at this point. Put the oil cap and dipstick back in place and start the car letting it idle for a minute or two then turn it off. Recheck and top up the oil as needed, this last process filled the oil filter so it will have taken the level down by a small amount. Once levelled up to just under the maximum clean any stray oil and close the bonnet. All Done, tools and jack away, trip to the tip with the old oil and filter, wash hands, kettle on and sit back knowing you have saved a bundle of cash and done it all with your own hands.
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    Cool, cheers Al. I shall look into that.
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    Knuckle duster is pointless if you can't fight or strike effectively. If you want the 'upper hand' then use something that actually extends your reach and closes the distance, like a breaker bar.
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    you're gonna blame the black kid. racist!
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    I can't believe i pretty much live next door to you and have seen your Loop Lupolicious!
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    nooooooo that wasnt me silver, Ben the components are awesome arent they, Just fitted a set in my mates mk4 polo and he is soo happy with them, Having silly bass imo is like having 400bhp under your foot, most the time you dont use it so its pointless to most, but when you do use it you enjoy it and thats what matters And tdi Ben, id just go for 1 set of Good comps, like the yellow loop 1 good set keeps up with the epic bass, Hopefully my KP2s come tomorrow, twice the price of the SSK165s that the yellow lupo runs, we will see if there better! Rich,
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    lol dont worry about it, its a soddin - button.
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    I think its some of the comments you seem to make. I know i have "negged" you on a few occasions where i thought your comments were completely out of order. I also prefer the "like" system, don't think people cared about it enough to worry whether they are liked or not.
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    bit of a google andfound this, hope its right! 1J6 853 630
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    car look sstunning to..id imagine by now its probably in pieces or been completely changed i hope not for your sake mate! but wi wouldnt be too hopeful
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    nope she came up to me and admitted she would take half the blame.. because i didnt indicate...which to me is irrelevant... she shouldnt be oveetaking in a 1 way car park while i was making a manouvere and the wheels is sitting with some serious camber so i have a feeling the strut is bent or is broken
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    thats bs because ive watched it on a plane in america on "bbc america"! go me! ps it was inland plane going from ny to miami

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