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  1. On the brand new 2014 model? Can't be good if that's happening already :/
  2. Buying a new Mini Cooper S!
  3. This Lupo is now for sale - see Classifieds.
  4. Given it a good clean today. The inside was immaculate from the valet before I bought it this week so didn't need to do that - saved plenty of time! Only change was a Magic Tree Black Ice for a Cherry Jelly Belly air freshener! Bodywork in good nick, just the boot handle is a bit messy that's all. For a 12 year old motor I have no complaints at all! Would quite like to mod one of the cup holders to be a dock for my iPhone for SatNav use etc - so will look in to this. Other than that, I'm keeping the car standard. Passed it's MOT last week with no advisories. Also, thought I'd show you all my
  5. Have decided to keep the car! Think I'm going to keep it standard and sell it later in the year. Be a good little runner for my 20 miles a day commuting for now So hi! I'm going to stay a while in the club!
  6. Yeah try the classifieds section.
  7. Have already decided to sell and buy a GTI instead haha! It's a bit of a comedown from my Mini Cooper (for sale) See classified section if you're interested!
  8. bjblyth

    New guy

    We need to introduce you to some full stops, amongst other punctuation! But, welcome!
  9. Almost to the day in fact, I signed up on 20th March 2007. But today, I have bought my first Lupo! Here it is...! 1.4 SE 65,000 miles, 2 owners from new 12 months MOT & Tax Full Service History - always done at VW Absolutely immaculate and completely standard - what would you say it's worth?
  10. That's great thanks for the answers. Would be really happy with 35+ mpg I think, considering the nature of the vehicle! I shall begin my search!
  11. Had a quick Google for this but could only find german sites results and I'm not great with foreign languages... My car is LC9Z but needs the drivers door replacing, some on eBay are showing as LC92 paint colour, is that a different black altogether or are people reading the 'Z' as a '2'? Want to be sure I buy the right colour! Cheers
  12. Hi all, I've currently got a Polo TDi (2007) due to having to do 120 miles a day commuting... But that's now stopped and I only do 30 miles a day so I'm tempted to sell the Polo and buy a Lupo GTi which I've wanted for SO long, and insurance will finally allow at the same price as I'm paying on my Polo. Just wondered if anyone can give me some good ideas of the MPG I should expect from the GTi? Thanks in advance!
  13. Would you swap for a 32gb iPhone 4S plus some cash my way? Mine is white also!
  14. Would you swap for a 32gb iPhone 4S (white) plus some cash my way?
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