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  1. These are genuine stamped BBS aswell, not cheap copies.
  2. These babies are for sale, originally bought from Mr dubshack for a for pennies well over a year ago now. Ended up not being ran and sitting in a garage. Great condition, could do with a good polish. matching tyres 2 with good tread, 2 with not so good tread These are genuine stamped bbs, not the cheapy lenzo copies! Mr dubshack can vouch for them being genuine. Looking for £200 for a quick sale. contact me via PM or 07584 421 354 wheels are in plymouth, no postage, pick up only
  3. i have a problem with my headunit, its an alpine media receiver unit, for ipod/usb etc (no cd player) I was sat listening to music in my van earlier, all of a sudden the sub stopped playing ( still had power on it ) but didnt seem to be receiving anything from headunit. The speakers carried on playing, but then i decided to switch the engine off and the headunit. When i turned everything back on the speakers then stopped working aswell ( but the power was getting to everything ) head unit said it was playing the music, just no sound or bass? I changed source to the radio to see if it was my iphone playing up, but radio wouldnt work either? Was wondering what to check next, i checked integrity of the wiring behind the unit all looks okay, the display and interface on the unit works as it should. Just no sound nightmare driving home with no music aswell any help would be massively appreciated.
  4. haha, yeah i saw it on there. but it changed hands twice since then lol.
  5. sold this car a while ago, was a red 1.0mpi with a private plate J7UPO. just wondering if anyone knows of its whereabouts?
  6. depends if you tell them or not....... but if its your first car and first policy at 17, i think you'll find it hard to insure any modification.
  7. Yeah man I haven't really been about much bin mega busy with new job, didn't lower it either was going to get it mapped but it's worth more standard so may aswell leave it Yeah man the lupo was ****ed but I still sold it for profit lol
  8. Cool I started the thread because I was bored got a business trip in isle of Wight and it's boring me to death. The a2 is great olly however I'm selling in soon as when I turn 20 I want to get a transporter x x x
  9. I heard that if I put a scooby spoiler on it, I will increae bhp by 30 as it's aero dynamic or something? Anyway I'm bidding on. Cossie on the bay and will rip it to bits when I get it and put the engine in my lupo I'm thinking mid engined yah?
  10. Cool so if I get a cossie then the engine is pretty much Lego yeah? I heard the chassis is pretty much the same.... Also how many dumpvalves will I need to complete the install apparently I need one on the spoiler and two jn the exhaust which brand would you recommend? Thanks
  11. Engine fit in my lupo I was thinking of a cossie engine into my 1 litre lupo and making it 4x4 drive my mye andy reckons It is only a few hours work any info would be great
  12. saw a handful of lupos whilst in newquay for the last week, i gave some abuse out of my window i was only joking though, if you remember anyone shouting at you and was in a audi a2 it was me. i apologise
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