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    One year on since the last update, the car is still alive and working well. It did need some love at the end of last year in the form of a new PAS pump after the original one failed. Some new fluid was put on as well. I washed the car today and took some new pictures for you lot at a new spot i wanted to try. Hope you like them
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    The new tyres are working out just fine, no rubbing and just a little off on the speedo. We took Franklin for a spin out west (10 hours one way) at the weekend to see the grand babies. He did just fine up the mountain passes as long as we got our foot down the carb a little in advance of the grades. There is still a bit of snow at the higher elevations this time of year and we could see our breath. The lou was a bit chilly to sit on too! The clouds were a bit low so the majesty of the peaks was hidden this time. About 1/2 of the mountain is covered here.
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    Depends which engine you got. Does it have push rods or is it an auc or something?
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    Uganda? For real?
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    How could you not know that? Amateur.
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    Have a look at U-Pull-It in York. Might get lucky and have one the right colour. There's a few decent scrapyards left in Leeds and Bradford too. Otherwise Gumtree and Ebay to see what's ebing broken.
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    Someone on here was breaking a lupo (it'll fit) in Bedford up the road from you. You may have to have a search as it was a couple of months ago. What a bummer. And on the way home from just buying it! oh, and welcome to club lupo!
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    032 103 601 QA £156.77 inc vat from VW. Currently on factory back order so expect at least a 10 day wait for one....
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    6E0 825 235 L for anyone who's interested, £192.68 inc vat from VW!
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    I liked the guys near Eldon road. They were sound and kept lending me stuff.
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    2005 55 Lupo gti laser blue Just wondering , is there any reason to why the GTI badge doesn’t have a red ‘I’ like my older LUPO gti’s did ? 👍
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    Every petrol receipt?! Having said that as a new owner of my 4th Lupo I’ve got both the receipts for my 2 lots of fuel I’ve put in it so far... She looks beautiful! Enjoy xx
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    Haha that’s exactly the reason you should do it 😝
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    Probably say its worth around 7 grand. Though as there are so few it's pretty difficult to compare it! You've got yourself a gem!
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    Are you going to carry on the petrol tradition?
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    Just picked up this little gem today . I’ve owned two gti’s before - raven blue and red So pleased with the new our purchase Superb condition and the history with the car is like I’ve never seen before . I’ve never been given a box that includes every petrol receipt for the car definitely one to keep hold of 🤗
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    This is depressing. back to MPG... i once got 51mpg from my mk 4 golf 1.6 8 valve 👍🏻
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    You could try making a very thin cut with a razor. Then very carefully inject some glue (you need to experiment), press it around the bubble with your fingers, then heat it with a hair dryer. Then using a vacuum cleaner, suck all the air out (and some glue...)To stop the air getting sucked back into the thin cut, put some tape loosely over it to act as a valve. When the glue has set, pull the tape off. You shouldn't see the cut. I've done it before on other cars and it works.
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    I’d say your car isn’t breathing right. Even if a pollen filter isn’t fitted you shouldn’t get fumes in your cabin. But to help the situation if it hasn’t got one in then just, well, put one in. 90 second job.
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    For normal driving its probably better if anything with the map. As soon as you are on it, it’s noticeable worse🤣
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    Finding a cheap / scrap box with the right codes to pillage 5th gear would take some luck and time. I fixed 5th on my 1.4s under the arch, hardest bit is making a 2 legged puller and shaping the legs to fit the gear, luckily it wasnt on there tight so the thing i ended up with worked a treat.
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    We popped to Mexico for the day 👍🏼 Yeah i have, made a nice different with the headwork and map
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    I need to investigate a non working leccy window in one of my SDIs. It suddenly started working a few months ago on a day when it was below freezing the whole day. Then ceased again once it warmed up a bit. I have a hunch that the anti fingertrapping 'system' is based on an over-current sensor that measures the excess current before the top stop is reached. And if it is, chances are that by changing a 5p resistor or something could set the current to a different level (to compensate for friction and wear).
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    Google search. No clicky no movey = switch or wiring etc. Clicky no movey = window regulator bits usually.
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    Sold for £1100 ish. Someone should have some fun with that.
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    Well, it certainly would be worth a try. I have a lathe so given a bit of time could make my own.
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    Good work on your rusty nuts I missed Volksfling this year - if it was like last year the car park has more interesting stuff than in the show it self. For me its a nice drive down the A701 and home via Peebles.
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    Neither. Raymond is the dictator of ClubLupo.
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    Points or just a straight ban???
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    Really ray man??
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    Welcome to the newest mod, this is something that has been in the pipeline for a really long time. A coolerworx short shifter! They would only make two as it wasn’t worth their time to do just one so I had to find someone else who wanted one which I did luckily! It has really transformed the driving experience, bringing the shifter closer to the steering wheel is something the car has needed since fitting the Pole Positions. It feels incredible too, shifts are so short and crisp now. Let me know what you think, i’ve still got a bit of tidying up to do around the shifter but i’m happy with it. https://youtu.be/5uPd_8_dYcw https://youtu.be/f-YFgsCtXIg
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    That sounds like you're going to bum him.
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    I am a bit jealous! It would be fun to get together with other Lupo owners and swap some lies. I am in touch with a group of air cooled VW guys in Calgary (3 hours from here) and we went to one of thier events last fall. There is a VW water pumper group also and there is rumors one fellow has a Lupo GTI so we shall see...
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    You're too old to mess around with these things.
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    Hi club lupo, I would like to say hello to everyone and it's a pleasure again to be driving a Lupo/Arosa again.
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    Teddies are cool
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    Hello! Did you give birth to it?
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    @oprn, I notice you have a small blemish to your driver's seat base... otherwise your car is immaculate! One of my cars had much worse and i thought the only option was either a new interior, new seat or completely reupholster it with the closest match cloth that i could source. Then I had an idea where I thought "why not find someone in Germany with a left hand drive car. Get them to dismantle their passenger seat by simply unclipping the material, send it over to me as a small cloth parcel, then i could strip and rebuild mine to keep it 100% original and in near mint condition." I did, perfect match and it didn't cost me that much. Best thing is passenger seats in small cars hardly get used, as they are mostly used as commuter machines. Cloth like new! Much cheaper and easier than sending over a complete seat. using google translate and this web site works... Germans are generally a helpful lot especially if you tell them where you are and that you're restoring a car https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0 schlachtfest literally means "destruction party", but actually means "breaking" or "dismantling" for parts.
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    I see you found my thread so I will just put one here there are a number of pictures there. Let me see... With his winter wellies on parked by a defunct town site close to home here.
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    Would we all make it without breakdowns 😂😂x
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    Hi and welcome to CL! Your Lupo is probably one of the oldest in the UK! Would love to see some pics... Yeah sounds like more than one fault. The smell is probably the aroma of antifreeze G12 or G13 additive evaporating very slowly from the heater matrix as already suggested. The correct solution is to replace everything, but you could do a 'jolly' fix and bung some "stop leak" in your coolant system. Yes I can hear all the purists shouting at their screens, but hey, if you have no time to fix it, it does work... In winter the inside probably steams up the windows? The revs would be easiest to diagnose from the fault code that the diagnostics system gives you. But being a very early model, it might not report everything. The ECU (engine control computer) is trying to get the car running normally, so it keeps trying out different scenarios, but knows something is wrong. So it is running, but one or more sensors is playing up providing unusual readings. Most of the time, the ECU will use the sensor data, but then that faulty sensor goes so wacko the ECU disregards it then the engine bahaves itself again- but not running perfectly. So the solution with diagnostics is to find the code. Without diagnostics, simply go round unplugging all the sensors one by one, the try starting it again (you won't damage anything). When nothing changes, you've probably found the dodgy sensor. My guess is TPS. Respect to @lindylou! I've never had ti change a Lupo heater matrix, but heard it's a major operation 👍🏻
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    Good to see you are not rushing into anything with this! I'm sorry, I'm going to be Dad here, you will be spending a big chunk of wedge on this engine rebuild, I really hope you have done your homework about who ever you have booked with: Have they got solid VAG experience - better still rebuilt an AVY engine before? Do they have good reputation? - googled for reviews? How long will they take? - if they don't know what they are doing a few weeks can very quickly turn into months What guarantee will they provide for workmanship and materials? Not being funny, the fact they can fit an engine rebuild into their schedule within a week or 2 would not be a tick in the box ....that is unless the situation was really desperate. As already said by a few of us, you have good compression, your current oil leak is not terminal, your situation is a long way from desperate - probably just requires a head rebuild alone Just as an example, I enquired at a very good garage about getting a bottom end rebuild done for mine, they were happy to take on the job, but couldn't book it in for 2 or 3 months.
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    Find a garage that will pass it as that one used to do.
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    don't spend any money on it at all. use the money you were intending to spend on a poverty spec car to simply buy a higher spec car. unless you just love lupos and arosas, in which case you are excused
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    lower it, run a straight through exhaust. stick some awful wheels on it and a racing stripe. learn to hate what you have created and then you can move on.
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    Theres plenty around, you just gotta find where to look! From the pictures ive seen, shrick do a set of cams which work with the vvt, ill dig the pictures out at some point if i can find them.
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    165/50/15 Bridgestone Potenza on a 15x7 wheel...
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