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    One year on since the last update, the car is still alive and working well. It did need some love at the end of last year in the form of a new PAS pump after the original one failed. Some new fluid was put on as well. I washed the car today and took some new pictures for you lot at a new spot i wanted to try. Hope you like them
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    Come to think of it... @RAB @SILVER @Blue Loop the guys that do the rallying, some others I can't think of right now- collectively we all have awesome knowledge. I don't think there's ever been a problem in the last few years that we haven't been able to sort. If not, @Rich will kick and scream till it works again.... maybe for a small donation in his workshop.
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    The new tyres are working out just fine, no rubbing and just a little off on the speedo. We took Franklin for a spin out west (10 hours one way) at the weekend to see the grand babies. He did just fine up the mountain passes as long as we got our foot down the carb a little in advance of the grades. There is still a bit of snow at the higher elevations this time of year and we could see our breath. The lou was a bit chilly to sit on too! The clouds were a bit low so the majesty of the peaks was hidden this time. About 1/2 of the mountain is covered here.
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    Probably say its worth around 7 grand. Though as there are so few it's pretty difficult to compare it! You've got yourself a gem!
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    Are you going to carry on the petrol tradition?
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    This is depressing. back to MPG... i once got 51mpg from my mk 4 golf 1.6 8 valve 👍🏻
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    You could try making a very thin cut with a razor. Then very carefully inject some glue (you need to experiment), press it around the bubble with your fingers, then heat it with a hair dryer. Then using a vacuum cleaner, suck all the air out (and some glue...)To stop the air getting sucked back into the thin cut, put some tape loosely over it to act as a valve. When the glue has set, pull the tape off. You shouldn't see the cut. I've done it before on other cars and it works.
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    For normal driving its probably better if anything with the map. As soon as you are on it, it’s noticeable worse🤣
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    Finding a cheap / scrap box with the right codes to pillage 5th gear would take some luck and time. I fixed 5th on my 1.4s under the arch, hardest bit is making a 2 legged puller and shaping the legs to fit the gear, luckily it wasnt on there tight so the thing i ended up with worked a treat.
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    If you need anything, I’m also on your doorstep. I’m less useful though so probably not worth asking haha. There’s been around 6/7 Lupos and Arosas in scrappies within 7 miles of me in the last few months. Drying up now though.
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    We popped to Mexico for the day 👍🏼 Yeah i have, made a nice different with the headwork and map
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    Take the seats and carpet out.
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    Sold for £1100 ish. Someone should have some fun with that.
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    Neither. Raymond is the dictator of ClubLupo.
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    They will fit, tyres will more than likely rub. Suck em and see.
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    Welcome to the newest mod, this is something that has been in the pipeline for a really long time. A coolerworx short shifter! They would only make two as it wasn’t worth their time to do just one so I had to find someone else who wanted one which I did luckily! It has really transformed the driving experience, bringing the shifter closer to the steering wheel is something the car has needed since fitting the Pole Positions. It feels incredible too, shifts are so short and crisp now. Let me know what you think, i’ve still got a bit of tidying up to do around the shifter but i’m happy with it. https://youtu.be/5uPd_8_dYcw https://youtu.be/f-YFgsCtXIg
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    I would. I’d jump on it straight away to get rid of these suspendings and point and that man ..... Spank me, I’ve been bad 🤔
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    I am a bit jealous! It would be fun to get together with other Lupo owners and swap some lies. I am in touch with a group of air cooled VW guys in Calgary (3 hours from here) and we went to one of thier events last fall. There is a VW water pumper group also and there is rumors one fellow has a Lupo GTI so we shall see...
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    You're too old to mess around with these things.
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    Hi club lupo, I would like to say hello to everyone and it's a pleasure again to be driving a Lupo/Arosa again.
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    Teddies are cool
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    Hello! Did you give birth to it?
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    In the past. Several around kent/essex way. Major shows include stonor park. Although the Gti won't be ready for it. There are some jobs that need doing which i need to attend too. I can provide a list of shows i am considerring.
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    I'm far too busy these days to actually do any work. Saying that I am about to go work on my own. It's raining as well.....
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    @oprn, I notice you have a small blemish to your driver's seat base... otherwise your car is immaculate! One of my cars had much worse and i thought the only option was either a new interior, new seat or completely reupholster it with the closest match cloth that i could source. Then I had an idea where I thought "why not find someone in Germany with a left hand drive car. Get them to dismantle their passenger seat by simply unclipping the material, send it over to me as a small cloth parcel, then i could strip and rebuild mine to keep it 100% original and in near mint condition." I did, perfect match and it didn't cost me that much. Best thing is passenger seats in small cars hardly get used, as they are mostly used as commuter machines. Cloth like new! Much cheaper and easier than sending over a complete seat. using google translate and this web site works... Germans are generally a helpful lot especially if you tell them where you are and that you're restoring a car https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-lupo-schlachtfest/k0 schlachtfest literally means "destruction party", but actually means "breaking" or "dismantling" for parts.
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    I see you found my thread so I will just put one here there are a number of pictures there. Let me see... With his winter wellies on parked by a defunct town site close to home here.
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    Make: VW Lupo Model: SDi MOT: 22/04/20 TAX: 31/05/19 Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Description: Standard specification 2004 car no modifications whatsoever – family owned from new, only 2 registered keepers on V5C. Mileage 137k & drives perfectly, a very economical car with low insurance & tax – would make an ideal first car. Maintained / serviced with care by mature owner to ensure everything works as it should, running on fully synthetic VW long life oil & G12 coolant (history details available to view). Recent parts replaced include front wheel bearings, front section exhaust including catalytic convertor, glow plugs & windscreen. Timing belt replaced less than 3 years ago along with driver’s door hinge. Alternator & front discs and pads replaced more recently & front tyres replaced less than a year ago. Bodywork is in very good condition overall but has a small scrape on N/S/R wheel arch, O/S/R wheel arch has 2 small rust bubbles & rear bumper has a small area of lacquer peel. Rear tyres would last another year at most. Lots of photos available once I have figured out how to reduce the file size. Location: TS21 Price: £885
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    Would we all make it without breakdowns 😂😂x
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    Definitely. We already have a female in the group so you're not alone.
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    Best advice I can give if you want to work on your car yourself is to get a Haynes manual they don’t do one for a lupo so you have to buy one for vw polo they are the same and buy a cheap vag scanner vag305 obd11 connector on eBay think I paid about 15 quid for mine and it is basically the same as the scanners they use in the garage good luck let us know how you get on x
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    The Whiteline rear ARB makes a huge difference, I've got mine set on medium and the handling is so much better! In my top 3 mods to do to a GTI (280mm brakes and coilies)
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    80k in that car and no, it's never quiet.
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    Good to see you are not rushing into anything with this! I'm sorry, I'm going to be Dad here, you will be spending a big chunk of wedge on this engine rebuild, I really hope you have done your homework about who ever you have booked with: Have they got solid VAG experience - better still rebuilt an AVY engine before? Do they have good reputation? - googled for reviews? How long will they take? - if they don't know what they are doing a few weeks can very quickly turn into months What guarantee will they provide for workmanship and materials? Not being funny, the fact they can fit an engine rebuild into their schedule within a week or 2 would not be a tick in the box ....that is unless the situation was really desperate. As already said by a few of us, you have good compression, your current oil leak is not terminal, your situation is a long way from desperate - probably just requires a head rebuild alone Just as an example, I enquired at a very good garage about getting a bottom end rebuild done for mine, they were happy to take on the job, but couldn't book it in for 2 or 3 months.
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    Durham's a nice little town, there are far worse places to be.
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    Obviously taken a step up in the world. Ooh er. Explains the low interaction levels on here these days I s'pose. I miss all the warnings and major editing headaches from Ray....
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    Dash doesn’t have to come out but you do have to remove some lower plastic pieces and loosen the dash slightly. Thin arms will make it easier but it’s still a major fanny on. I took my wing off to replace my hinges because my triple square but was too long. I’d rather rest a gearbox on my head, I’ve done it and it was bad. That’s how much I hated doing this.
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    Hi there, been lurking on the forum for a couple of weeks, thought I should sign up and say hello. After a history of air-cooled VWs (bugs and vans) and pre 70s Land Rovers, and about to turn 50, I fancied something a little more fun, less thirsty and also a bit more likely to start on a cold n damp morning! So I now have this lovely 1.4. Makes me smile every time I drive it... no real plans for it at the moment other than needing a few little fixes to tidy it up. I'm sure I'll be searching the forum for tips and knowledge as I go...
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    Yeah this thing... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-GENUINE-VOLKSWAGEN-T4-TRANSPORTER-CRUISE-CONTROL-RETROFIT-KIT-TDI-7D0998527-/201955850138 steering wheel off, remove clock spring. Add T4 cruise stalk. Refit everything. Sorted. I don't even think you need to reprogram the ECU. It's already built in, ready to go. Just waiting for the turn cruise on. 'Set'......
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    If anyone could get cruise working and share how I'd be eternally grateful, I'd save so much fuel 😂
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    Ok, let us know if it works...
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    Hey hey! Que bien! Bienvenido a club lupo. yeah but @Rich isn't there a built in routine in some of the lupo ecus? You can use the switch gear from a T4 i think? Never done the mod.
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    Hey guys, thought I'd add my Lupo into these journals, this will be taken from another site so the timeline may get skewed This basically started when I left a deposit with a Japanese importer a couple of years ago with the idea of bringing something over, however things kept popping up and I'd kind of forgotten about it. I've been in the mind of getting second car for awhile, basically just something to toy around with and drive on the weekends. I was initially on the search for an e46 M3 which brought me back to my deposit. I was just about to ask for it back when i saw this car pop up, threw a bid on it not really thinking much of it, assumed I'd lose and then ask for my deposit. to my shock I received a message the next morning to say I'd won the car and that they'll get it ready for shipping It's a fairly new process to me, usually being quiet picky when buying a car I can confidently say I'm bricking it to see what actually arrives haha. Saying that, these are just another one of those cars that I've wanted to tick of my list for awhile so their is definitely a level of excitement there too. Anyway, just a few pics from the port. So the car finally arrived into Ireland, this is possibly the most impatient I got during the whole process knowing it was so close but so far away haha it took a couple of days to get through customs and then had to be transported down to me. It was only by chance I looked at snap chat and saw the photos of the car posted in Dublin port.And a photo of the car then being delivered, I think this shows how small it is, was kinda taken back by its size so far so good, few bits to be done so the list is being drawn up at the moment on top of things I've been stockpiling since buying it, first purchase was a new battery as the one in it was completely dead, and the next step will be the VRT, really looking forward to get ths step out of the way and start digging into it. Now have the car few months and it's been brilliant! With all the boring stuff out of the way at the start getting the car VRT'd etc I turned my attention to getting the car up to my standards. was nice to start from a clean base.I left the car into Tom Fahys Garage, these guys have owned Lupo GTi's and worked on quiet a few so I knew it was in good hands (as the picture shows). I asked them to give it a full one over which came back with the car getting a good bill of health which was a relief.Just had the following work done which consisted of a full service, timing belt, water pump, auxiliary belt, a re-furbed alternator due to a bearing noise, some brake hoses and also got some new tow eye covers and had them painted by them.Tidied up a few small bits, new mats, a good condition gear knob bought from ebay Germany, replaced wipers, did a headlight restoration (needs a bit more work) and replaced a cracked ariel base. Got a new bluetooth head unit fitted by Jeremy at auto electrical concepts. Then set about removing stickers etc on the car and gave it a full thorough wash and a quick hit of the polisher to find some extra gloss.So now I've got a bit of a feel for the car and have it up to a decent standard the modifications can start, I've already received some bigger caliper carriers so will be upgrading the front brakes from 256mm to 280mm.I've also now got a few things coming in the post so hopefully should be able to keep this more updated. So after a couple months reading through threads and hours on ClubLupo I finally decided on a suspension set up. For the longest time I was going between coilovers or up-rated dampers, ended up with dampers as I wanted the car more setup for road, so below shows the collection I put together over the last couple weeks. This consist of: Bilstein B8 dampers Eibach lowering springs making up a Bilstein B12 kit Whiteline rear anti roll bar H&R 15mm spacers On top of this I've bought every bushing, so new tie rods, wishbone bushes, ball joints, drop links, front stabilizing bar bushes, new top mounts and rear axle bushes.. Probably more in there but everything is getting swapped out. Above shows the new calliper carriers, these will be fitted with new 280mm front brakes and larger pads. I'm hoping the combination of these parts should dial the car in a little more, looking forward to getting it all fitted now. So got the car back with everything fitted, All I can say is WOW!! Being completely honest I haven't felt happy with how it drove from the time I got it, I think I was trying to convince myself that it drove well but their was a lot of slop, and the pitch and roll was unnerving. Possibly a characteristic of the car but I may have been spoilt by better handling cars in the past, it got to the point where I drove to a ford garage to look at a new Fiesta ST they'd for sale but walking back to the Lupo I knew I wanted to get it driving the way it looked!The car drives amazingly, I always use my old Clio 182 as a benchmark for how fun a hot hatch should be, but this is now the new bench mark! I had the work carried out in Fahys and they were amazing, walking through it and giving advise along the way, I'd originally bought the spacers for the rear to give it a squared look but the convinced me to stick them upfront to increase turn in, actually gives the car a more purposeful appearance.. Tom the owner took it upon himself to do the full geometry on the car spending nearly over a day between aligning it and road-testing it until he was happy. the turn in and general feeling of the car is amazing.The B8s are firm but the ride is actually more comfortable then how the old shocks were before and matched up with the springs the car feels planted. the rear antiroll bar adds much more adjustability on the rear that just wasn't there before, matching up with all new bushes and the car feels so fresh. the new bigger brakes have it stop on a dime.I'm now officially in love with this car and can't believe the difference these works have made to it, I can now officially see what people are raving about with these cars. So the suspension has had enough time to settle now and i'm very happy with the height, removed the tonka toy look but isn't so low that I can't get over speed bumps. front wheels are fairly stuck on the arches, I'm still wondering if I should go for rear spacers but kinda like how it looks at the moment, just a little mental hah. Finding it hard to keep a car clean in this weather I'd been humming and hawing about Cambridge lights for awhile, wasn't sure if I liked them or not. One evening I saw these come up for fairly reasonable money so though them worth a punt. With them on I'm kinda liking them. I'll see how they grow on me.
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    Caramel wheel from Screwfix will take care of that easily. Also dropping out is bad, sixth form was great for drugs and poon.
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    The first Gti I test drove was also Anthracite when the sun hits all the different flecks it looks brilliant (also looks good on reflex silver) It was never really in the running for me due to price but I wanted to see how one with 55k felt like to drive before driving testing higher mileage cars.Black wasn't a option for me as the bloke who lives two doors up had a dubble garage built and uses small stones on the driveway,90% of the time wind blows from that direction.
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    Skezza get out of here with your logic and reasoned argument sillyness.
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    Man he was asking for a roasting here and no one jumped in, I am impressed with your restraint guys.
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    Theres plenty around, you just gotta find where to look! From the pictures ive seen, shrick do a set of cams which work with the vvt, ill dig the pictures out at some point if i can find them.
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    165/50/15 Bridgestone Potenza on a 15x7 wheel...
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