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My Little Black Lupo! *Pinkaholic*

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Hi everyone!

Im new on the Dub scene and also this forum!
I had a 206 for my first car but it got written off so i got told to buy a VW and i think Lupo's are pretty cute :innocent:

So here it is when i first bought it, it's a little 1L as im still on my first years insurance!

I took my friend with me to get his opinion of it and by the looks of that photo he liked it too! :tongueout:

I've started with the little mods first so i sprayed my badge pink and black!


I also love hello kitty as you can tell by the seats.. :innocent:

It's got a pretty loud exhaust as well! Im not so sure if i want to keep it or not tho.


It had a problem with the drivers side door not locking from the outside using the key so we set about adding central locking that i got from a carboot for £10 and its hawks!


I don't know if you can see me but im right at the top of the street and the signal is amazing! I could still lock and unlock my car from that distance!


Please ignore the corsa's.. this is a friends house :tongueout:

Some chav couldnt help themselves and pulled my sidestrips off so i had to try and get that all cleaned up!



Here's me part way through spraying my rear badge!



And this is the end product! :D



My future plans are:

Audi TT leather seats

Cades Eros Pink alloys


Tint the rear window to match the rear two windows

Pressed Plates

Maybe Flock my alloys

Pink suede interior

Pink Center console

Double DIN headunit


Pink Tinted indicators and side repeaters

Any C&C would be appreciated :)

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trudat, the little touches so far work really well though.

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Hi all!

I just thought i'd share with you what i got up to at the weekend!

Well this is my Hello Kitty interior i got from Halfrauds..



I then bought some brand new curtains from a car boot for £2 & had an idea!

Horrible, old roof lining!



Hehe! :innocent:



The C Pillars had a few creases on them but i still love them! :wub:



All finished! :D


What do you think?!

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Went too far with the Hello Kitty imo but it's your car & I'm sure it makes you smile - my vintage japanese floral interior did for me & all my mates hated it haha

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Do men actually get in it with that roof lining ?

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The pink wheels would be great, but there is to much pink tat on there at the moment to have both on at the same time

That's my view anyway

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