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  1. Sounds like them! How they looking?
  2. My old car! Yes they are GTi seatbelts
  3. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/380915908793?nav=SEARCH
  4. Starlites are on eBay if anyone is interested http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/380898921295?nav=SEARCH
  5. Thanks man, yeah my girlfriend lives in Kibblesworth so I'm up there a lot! I did have a few plans, seats included, however last week i made a decision and part ex'd the Arosa for a new Up! Gunna miss it but loving the Up!
  6. Those wheels look spot on!
  7. Not a lot happening as I'm saving for a holiday, was toying with the idea of selling but decided to keep the rosa! caught my wheel which I'm gutted about, deciding whether or not to just get it fixed or change the colour! Bye for now
  8. Love this little thing, clean and simple!
  9. Yeah it he bodywork is on the to do list, I'll try find it the boxes are hidden somewhere in the garage lol
  10. I was thinking of putting spacers on the rear, can anyone recommend what size I'd need? I had to put 3mm on the front just to stop the inside of the alloys catching!
  11. Love this thing, definitely need a Lupo rear bumper for mine after seeing this!
  12. Lupo looks amazing! Cant wait to see the progress on the mini too!
  13. Love this colour, wish I had could have found one this colour when I bought mine, wheels suit it well too! Nice work!
  14. Hey Thanks! I got them off eBay for £25 posted!
  15. Another little update, bought a few little things to tidy the 'rosa up a little bit, ebay specials! New tax disc holder. Floor mats. (bought for a Lupo, didn't know they were different so they dont fit) Stubby Aeriel. Wind deflectors. Aero Wipers. Dice dust caps. And finally how the car sits at the minute Thats about it, as usual, comments welcome
  16. Thanks Joe I'm only after door cars at the minute, thanks anyway!
  17. Not too sure, as far as I'm aware they are both the same, could be wrong though!
  18. everyone loves a bit of pink! Nice start
  19. Looks pretty awesome from the rear!
  20. So I eventually got round to fitting my cambridge rears I say I did but really it was my brother, im less than useless with any sort of electrics! Cars starting to come along now and im pretty happy with it so far, still needs to be lowered at the back alot more! I had to replace the centre section of the exhaust as I ripped it in half coming off my drive too fast, after i replaced it the engine management light came on. I replaced the lambda sensor which did not nothing, turned out it was just a faulty connection and one of the connectors had a bit of rust on! All sorted now though! Also fitt
  21. That interior looks pretty cool! Loving the starlites
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