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  1. Thanks dude.. Yeah I did, got all the stuff off ebay for a good deal Cheers bud.. aha its cool, what im running is the front helper spring on the adjuster cup thank you man, ive been tempted lately to go for a gti cheers bud
  2. one of my favs I also went to edition 38 And that's all folks, ive also bought a 91 polo saloon which ive been busy working on lately, but ill upload some pics soon Thanks, Tyler
  3. Right.. So its been a while since I was last on here and a few things have happened.. but what ill do is let the pictures do the talking.. Bit of rear ride height.. A trip to twotwenty.. Then dug my battle bumper back out (bare with me on this).. Tadah.. Thought id mix it up abit Then I went to USC with a few mates
  4. A little update for you guys today.. To start off with me and a mate notched the drivers side chassis leg (forgot to take some pictures of this), and I finally got round to fitting some spacers on the rear.. this is a quick picture from a test fit I did Then I finally finished the centre caps for the wheels.. And took some pretty cack photos aha Gave it a big clean a couple weeks ago (one of those 'scene' photos aha) As you can see the front still isn't as low as i'd like, mainly now due to lots of contact with the floor.. Aiming to fit a shield of some sorts, and tuck the exhaust
  5. Cheers bud, I still haven't put the spacers on cause im kinda enjoying the tuck without rubbing. im using jom coilovers bud Thanks guys.. Colour coded handles sounds pretty good tbf man Haha thanks dude, yeah im currently thinking of a retrim idea first Cheers bud
  6. Cheers mate, tbh ive done the centre nut black so red caps would be quite cool to try -- Now to the update, finally got some tyres on the wheels Fitted them for abit to check how much rooms available, also to check how much more I can lower it (especially the front) Then saturday got to work with the arch roller Ordered some 15mm spacers to finish off the rears, hopefully come the weekend they should be fully on Thanks, Tyler (Also anyone know of any local meets around the Halesowen/Stourbridge areas, strange question I know)
  7. Just a quick update to say that I have got my wheels back from powder coating, an quite pleased how they've turned out.. A few more bits and pieces and they'll be ready to go on the lupo. Thanks, Tyler
  8. Yeah, but it will be a while before they go in Yeah they are defo in need of a retrim, but they can wait abit while I do some saving. -- Today I dropped off my wheels at 'project wheels' that a dude on E38 suggested.. Hopefully should be done around the end of the week, then tyres.
  9. Quick update.. About 6 weeks ago I started some volunteer work experience at a local garage, and on my first day I spotted a pair of old recaro's sat in the corner next to a Ford escort RS Turbo.. Turns out the boss is a Ford boy, anyways the other day I decided to ask about the seats and turns out they were supposed to go in the escort ages ago but he never got round to fitting them.. At this time I thought id offer that if he would be interested in selling them, to which he then replied I can have them. After asking him to repeat it a couple times, I said cheers and chucked them in the back
  10. Thanks bud. -- So seeing as the weather was pretty nice today, I decided to give my interior a thorough going over.. So out it all came What are mates for ay aha After giving the carpets the best clean they've had in a long while, I decided to keep the seats out so I could give them a good clean too.. Though I did return the drivers seat so I could still use the car. Come next weekend I can refit them and hopefully move onto sorting the exterior. Thanks, Tyler
  11. Thanks bud, only the other day one of my mates said he missed the black bumper era aha.. Funnily enough I still have it sat in my garage. Cheers mate, the plan so far is to get them done in the original BBS silver but with the centre nut painted black
  12. Not quite sure what happened to the thread I had on here, so here's a fresh one.. Hi my name is Tyler and this is my lupo. It all started just over a year and a half ago after breaking my first lupo a bit (a lot). Its a 2001 1.0l and I picked it up with a decent 42,000 on the clocks, and best of all it was nice and standard and pretty well looked after. Tbh not a huge amount has happened to the lupo due to a low income, but I have had a lot of fun with it. Anyways here's some pictures.. This is what it looked like when I got it. Then I lowered it as soon as I could on the coilovers I salvage
  13. Looking good, but i agree with the pink issue.. Badges look cool though
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