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  1. Sounds like it needs a good purge
  2. Obviously I can only vouch for the remap that's been done on mine, others could vary in success. If anyone's in the northwest I'll sort you his number ?
  3. So much better, don't need to rev it all the way out and used to really struggle below 4000, now there's some life from 3000 on. If you've got the cash spare and aren't intending on selling up or putting a giant engine under the bonnet, it'll make it a lot more drive able, particularly when overtaking and pulling away
  4. Yeah that's it, with the racing stripes... Nah a guy across from where I work is a wizard with a laptop, he worked his magic! They're great fun, foot down always and you'll never be going 'too' fast
  5. Nothing mega just a plug in one, a lot nicer to drive though, the small amount of torque it has is available about 1000-1500 rpm earlier, I find I'm changing gear earlier too to get the most out of it, will do me for a short while
  6. Currently running these babies for winter, BBS Formula Benetton 15x7 with 195/45 rain sport 3s. Its fun at the moment, also had it re mapped ha!
  7. Thanks Pat! I'm not done yet seen your paint pic, epic choice
  8. Skezza is right, keep the midbox and cut the box back out, stick a straight pipe in with a curve at the end. Job done
  9. 3L boot is a different panel all together supposedly more aero
  10. I've still got it Sitting much better now
  11. Take the back box off and put a straight pipe in. Keep the midbox. This way sounds awesome, do it the other way and you'll sound like a corsa/wasp
  12. Plenty to update and plenty more to come
  13. I haven't posted since the air nope piers! And yes he has Matt, just not in yet...
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