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  1. Maybe i am a bit colored But FK AK coilovers has the exact same description as above for the AP. So buy cheeper and be happier. Earlier i did put my word out for V-maxx. They are also much bang for the buck. Allthou my new favorit is the AK Street by FK. Really nice and very much a nice surprice
  2. Thanks. There is al lot of things to sort out thou. Rust and other small things. I just had i mind to use this as my wintercar and so on. But it is starting to look a little bit to nice now. Maybe a respray in the spring........ Yes we will se.
  3. Ohh yes. Washing the car today. It was really needed. Took the best of two houres to do. New pics today to.
  4. Thanks!!! Very much true! Did think for a moment that i would hang it out with the comfortstyle jeepmode. But i wasn't pensionery enough to do that. Hope to wash it an foto in daylight tomorrow.
  5. By the way. The ride is very good. Soft but firm. I have lowered about 70-80mm. Still have the riser in the back. In front there is about 25mm left is i want them. But i think this is enough. Surprised and pleased! I have had many many coilover kits. This is very much "bang for the buck". Appart from the springspacer , thats in plastic like on JOM:s. But hope they will last , im VERY sceptic about them and winter at -35. They will crack , i have to get med some spares from FK in aluminum. That way i can sleep well knowing that spares are on the shelf if it happens. Can really recomend the FK A
  6. Done and done! Bordom got me started today. Sooo... And a very bad pic of a dirty car. Will clean tomorrow and take a pic then. I very pleased with the level and look. Right on the first try As you can se i ride really bad gravelroads to. So more then this is not recomended to lower. But ho knows......may happen Just exactly so it dont scrub more then enough. Stance is about what i looked for , more then this ia cannot do without sacrificing ride. This is my daily ride for me and my little girl.
  7. Garagenight! Got the Blueberry cleaned from stickerrests that had dryed and burned stuck to the windows. Now its cleaned and some new sticker can go on. Some more stickers is going on later. Have to get all windoes tinted to. Had the rear window toned. Soft blue tone film got on. Fitted my doughters favorit on the hatch window. Manly and very fitting to the car , in pink to Finally the tanklid got som stickers to.
  8. This pic made me atleast google and Ebay for the rims And now you do this Really nice choice of rims i say!
  9. Yes grown up sucks! Got to get back in age with some cars every other week.
  10. As i suspected. YOU should NOT listen to rumors. Works just fine as they have on all my other cars. Now i bought a complete servicekit(wipers x2) with the right mounting. It was just fitting them on the car , took 1min aprox. Wery happy again. There is a big difference to Bosch and the cheeper SH*T thats sold. With Bosch you get what you pay for , and on Ebay cheeper than normal. There where some cheep Aerowipers mounted on the car when i made the buy , they fly on top of the windshield now wiping at all. Now after getting my new wipers it all good again This is NOT the last time i buy AeroT
  11. Today there was service on the Lupo. Airfilter , sparkplugs and wipers changed. Filled up to full tank. So now it's just a case of driving. Going to be mostly mixed drivning in and out och town. Exiting to see what the result is. The engine is running much smoother and more even. So all the service made difference anyways.
  12. Yes but there is a lot to do if anyone should look ok. The two syncros is used wintertime and has some rust.
  13. Only one pic on the Golf VR6-Syncro at the moment. And one on the Jetta Syncro.
  14. And the Jetta CL. Normaly my everydaycar. But the Lupo does that.
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