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CL Awards 2012 Results


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Congrats to all involved!

If anyone wants their title under their name, they are more than welcome.

"One(s) to Watch Out For" will be pinned for the remainder of the year.

Drum roll...

CL Member of the Year 2012:

Winner - Rich

Runner up - Defcon5

Best Lupo GTi 2012:

Winner - Piers

Rinner up - vpolo

Best Lupo (non-GTI) 2012:

Wnner - 12yan

Runner up - Kam

Best Arosa 2012:

Winner - Emz

Runner up - Adam R4

Best Interior 2012:

Winner - AmiLady

Runner up - 12Yan

Joker of the Year 2012

CL Official Jester - Scotty_82

Apprentice Jester- Rich

Volunteer Jester's Assistant - Koop

One(s) to Watch 2013:

Winner (Arosa) - Emz

Winner (Lupo) - JoeA

Trader of the Year 2012:

Winner - Lupoboz


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Congrats to all.

Think you maybe onto something there Rich, after all two years running is no mean feat.

Today Club Lupo, tomorrow world domination........ :twisted:

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Thanks for the (dis)honourable mention :lol:

And congrats y'all! :clap:

Edited by Koop
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