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  1. Hello Adam, I really hope that you will see and answer to this message. Did you have any problems with fitting Alpine CDE-W233R in your Arosa? I have roughly measured space and it looks like that width is 190mm and height 120mm in my. Dimensions from Apline's official website are 178mm x 100mm. Did you use any case/fascia or similar? I don't want to order player and waste money if it doesn't fits. Greetings from Serbia!

  2. Thats true, this is an awesome car! Thanks man, spend half my life cleaning cars i do
  3. Adam,

    1. Lupo-Joe


      Whats it going to cost me to buy your RW's off you?

  4. Thought I'd pop on see how things are going down on here! Not been on for a while so I thought I'd share some photos of the Wagon Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr After one of my usual day long cleans Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr And playing out.. Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Adam
  5. Wow wow wow sunshine! How long have I been jetwashing rally car bays lmao! No ones taught me anything on that hahaa! And Clive looks good! So glad he went to a good home
  6. So Clive has officially gone! I've got hold of a BMW E30 Touing LUX, it's unbelievably clean and mega example, still miss the Arosa A little though! Who wouldn't I've had an amazing time with that car Here's the beast! Plenty of idea to come! Mostly after Christmas though as usual Christmas costs money but coilovers will be first and some wheels to get rid of these horrid lenso's that where on it Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Already started my OCD ott cleaning Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled
  7. Your right this forums not half what it used to be when i first started on here! And yeah bring the Awards on
  8. Here it is everyone! For sale in the classifieds - http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/item/3553-adams-canica-mk2-arosa-for-sale/ Please share it around within your friend groups, make an amazing first car this for someone, did for me! :') Adam
  9. The BBS will be staying in my hands for a while unless someone offers me the right money for them, I want to try them on the next project, see how they look and fit because I know it's never been done but no doubt they'll be too small and then I will deffinately be selling them on
  10. Well guys this isn't a for sale post, I'm yet to right up an advert but just a heads up that once I've got my tyres on the steels, il be taking my private reg off, taking some items out of the car and it'll be up for sale, I think I'm gonna regret this but I feel it's best to move on I've had this for three years now and I want a new project, got many people on this forum to thank for helping me on my way, I'm sure many know what this car is etc so if your interested just have a read through this thread, everything I've ever done is in here, apart from one latest boot build re trim but il post
  11. I'm baccckkkk haha! Longtime no see everyone, times have been hard recently, feel like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards, but alls on the up now, been busy working away on the Arosa, and on quite a few of my mates cars, done 3 coilover set ups this month alone and two boot installs, one more next weekend too Anyway, since I was last on my pedal box has snapped, usual job, here's a few photos Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Sent to VW for the new box, £42.00 got me a box and a brake pedal clip Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Worst type of bolt eve
  12. I rolled my rears without a single crack in the paint, but I took 2 of the missis' mates in the back one night and it cooked the paint haha oops! And then they started to crack and what have you but I managed to tidy them up, I wanna get them blown in at the start of next year, along with bumper respray and the odd other bodywork bits
  13. 1.4 8v are 75bhp aren't they? 1.4 16v are 100bhp..
  14. Got some rolling shots off some friends who come to see us on Saturday night Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr And one of me and the missis Untitled by Ralphoto!, on Flickr Adam
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