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FAO Watch geeks. Sentimantal value: Is it worth it?


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Hi Y'awl,

I have a Seiko 4205 mid size dive watch, which I purchased early 80s whilst serving in the Marines. So older than most of the members on here.

It's been through quite a bit with me, but is in very good condition. It's had a couple of services and a new crystal, but last year it decided to retire itself from service.

I have had a quote of £165 for a new "balance wheel" and full service from a Seiko outworker.

Now I know the watch is not worth that much, and I am not short of watches (especially after treating myself to a Tissot Seastar 1000 this month). So it is purely for sentimental reasons.

The watch is a 38mm dia. and looks nice and chunky on the the other half's wrist on a NATO G10 style strap.

So what do you reckon: repair my trusty old steed or let her retire and buy something new?

She's like this only all black...


A sentimental old fool.

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If you've got the cash get it fixed I'd say and keep it for the kids and grandkids if you have any.

It would be of sentimental value to them I'm sure.

Then again I would say that, can't throw anything out, bit of a hoarder me.

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Do it Ray.

How many people restore old cars to a value exceeding the price its ever going to be worth, these people do it to keep old stuff alive.

Money comes and goes, spend it and keep something from working from a cool time, as proven in your first post the watch has a story.

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I'd say repair it or even store it for another day and repair it then....it's a watch so won't take up much room.

As said, watches are always good to pass on.

On the citizen front, I have one and the right one does it for me.....many don't.

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17 days left Ray! In Bali now, then Lombok, Gili islands, then 3 nights in Singapore before home!

Was just tempted half an hour ago for a new watch. The lad in the market said £1.30 for sunglasses and I thought he said watches too. Couldn't be arsed with the hassle, once you look at one stall everybody else does your head in trying to sell you the same thing that you've just bought.

I did treat myself to this for a travelling watch though. I love it. Been scuba diving with it and everything. Wanted something for mountain biking and things too.


Glad to hear you've gone with your heart on this one, too. :)

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