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  1. Sadly there was only one and it went missing sometime in the past....as Rich said, think you'd have to get it made yourself.
  2. Shouldn't have trusted Adrian....he had an Arosa!
  3. I've not heard about it since this thread was made.....shame
  4. It might be worth a trip, not been in years!
  5. LoopEd

    Silver GTI L4UPO

    How much do you reckon that plate's worth?
  6. Glad it's all good again....and like that photo too!
  7. I've had 15's and 16's on my Gti, the 15's are slightly more comfortable and the tyres are cheaper and easier to get hold of....however the 16's look better in my opinion. How low is your car and do you just want them to look good or perform well? Ed
  8. Heated leather was an option on all gti's. I've got a very late gti and it's not got the standard black leather, it's dark grey....also heated. You're right about the light grey being rare. Pretty sure Ryans was reupholstered like that....might be wrong though.
  9. Do you know what seats they're based on....standard lupo or lupo gti? I think the later sports had gti seats.
  10. As they're rare and if they're in perfect condition I don't see why you can't ask for £500.....at the end of the day they're only worth what someone's going to pay for them....having two people want them is a lot better
  11. LoopEd

    Lupo Exhaust

    I've not a clue but it may help if you add the model of lupo....sure there are different sizes for the models.
  12. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/80630-what-is-the-difference-between-gti-and-standard/?p=940637
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