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Q. How much does it cost?

A. Its Freeee

Q. Whats the catch?

A. We ask you to be as tidy as you can be, just a quick look behind you as you leave would be great (youll be given bin bags)

Q. Are fires or barbques allowed?

A. Open fires are not allowed. However, contained barbeques are permitted.

Q. Can i set Chinese lanterns off?

A. No you can not, anybody caught with them will be asked to leave the show.

Q. Can i park next to my tent?

A. Of course you can!

Q. What do i do about staying clean so i dont smell whilst walking around the showfield?

A. Full shower facilities are available... youll have to figure the rest out yourself

Q. What if i run out of money... or even worse... sausages!?!?

A. There is a shopping centre (including Tescos) a short 3-4 minute drive down the A43 (towards northampton, not towards kettering)

Q. What if i dont like to cook for myself, or if in the morning, i feel as tho i need to have a dirty breakfast roll to start off my day?

A. Good news, there are food traders who will be open all day, and late, and breakfast traders who will be open early, both saturday and sunday.

Q. Can i bring my dog?

A. We really would rather you didnt, a jumping dog with dirty paws and claws... and shiny paint... does not make a happy dubber.

Q. Can I bring alcohol?

A. Yes you can. NOT in glass though, glass has been banned.

Q. What day do you have to turn up for camping just the friday?

A. You can turn up friday or on saturday for camping.

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I've been there the last 4 years and have never seen any broken glass or anything about, so not sure why they've tried to ban it this year.

I know that lass got hit in the head by a champagne bottle that was given out by the DJ, but that's not really anything to do with it.

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i guess its no glass as its a field for animals, so if there is glass in grass = unhappy cows! its the same rule for leeds fest, they seach your bags when you go in they are that strict

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I'd assume glass has been banned after that girl was bottled over the head with a bottle of free champagne in the dance tent last year during Hed Kandi's set.

i sure that the edition crew will still have their moet!

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I rolled in near midnight one year. I opened the gates and crept in. Guys were sitting in a pick up to collect my money.

Not sure what the real time for closing the gate is, but I wans't travelling 400 miles to sleep in a laybye.

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someone asked on edition forums this was the answer

10 - 11 ish not unless one of yr friends can set it up for you earlier
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