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  1. Give em an overnight soaking in degreaser just for giggles as they're out and fettle em with some grips. These are oily engines anyways but not usually to the level you were using, should reduce the amount of crap on your boot!
  2. Orly...? Good work with the engine, replacing everything ie tappets or just freeing them up?
  3. Can try it by all means but would imagine the only other people there are people that didn't know it was cancelled.
  4. Correct, same club different location
  5. That'll be the little boy police magnets
  6. Yeah i get the conversation thing but I misunderstand the point of the (what appears to be a) dig. A bit of tidy paint work and a history of serious mechanical issues isn't the be all and end all. And for members of a clique to then make digs on Facebook about I assume this car is quite sad, I assume if they'd "made the cut" the opinions on the car would be different...
  7. Why would a comparison be needed? Cos its a white sport?
  8. Have a look around the site as you will find a wealth of knowledge as you're not the first person to ask this oddly.
  9. 200nm that loosen half a turn than 50nm then .30 degree more
  10. Doesn't seem to if gettin zero from all 4 pots
  11. Got a wedding today mate, am available tomorrow
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