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  1. No worries chap. The lupo is looking good to!
  2. Yeah fair enough, but I am telling you do not drive more than 50 miles without them, even if the bolts are torqued up correctly. The experience is not nice, wheel falling off on motorway. No fun in that.
  3. That's like saying jumping out of a 100ft building you might not break your legs. Ridiculous. Having personally been in a car where the wheel has come of because of missing spigot rings, I would advise everyone use them as the wheel sitting on the hub properly is just as important as actually have wheel bolts.
  4. I thought this would be a car show for single people from the title
  5. Yeah I did remove them both but the door has been painted previously and was more orange underneath so I just put the door side strips back on. You've just reminded me that's another thing I need to sort this summer Ah well lol.
  6. If anything the front needs lowering to meet the rear if anything! Can't really see it in the pics though.
  7. I will be in Plymouth in June to stay at a mates, if you're still there then? I like to think my lupo handles alright, but I don't exactly go into corners at 90mph and do not have much to compare it to!
  8. Nice mate, let me know when you're back. I am just at uni doing exams atm but am back May 20th. PS I saw some borbet a's for sale the other day if you're still interested?
  9. Looking good Ben, we will have to meet up over summer for some cleaning and some pics!!! Do not do a LCR splitter, I don't think it would suit it, and I am not really a fan of splitters haha
  10. so nice, and this car has made me want to buy a gti That last pic of it in the street and the exhaust videos. I am seriously thinking about it. Any chance you can link me to the exact system you bought because I can only see the catback system on their site. Cheers.
  11. If you have any more poke than this on the front, it would look silly. This is standard offset with 185/45 tyres
  12. Not been on here in ages and I was sure my buildthread was longer than this? Oh well, heres some pics for ya'll. It's lower than this now and stuff. Getting it lower over summer with smaller rear tyres.
  13. yeah the fronts sit nice on mine but the rears I have had problems with. Tyre wise I would say 185/45 all round for less arch issues. But like I say depending on how low you go you will need to roll your arches. The whole spacer thing is crap and will look horrendous if you space the rear any more than 5mm. The fronts DO NOT need spacing at all IMO. Take a look through my build thread I am sure there are plenty of pics.
  14. Any idea how hard it was to fit the wheel? It has made me want one
  15. Joe im not sure if you know, but your gf's top is see through
  16. If it comes back, make sure you clean the oil return pipe in the top of the airbox too, it will probably be full of gunk.
  17. It will only be a matter of time before some cheap coilovers pop up... Jake, we both know it is destined to go low.
  18. Hi there, is this a 1.8t on the V5?
  19. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=78132&hl=&fromsearch=1 PM him, or email him.
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