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  1. You had that gorgeous red leather recaro interior few years ago! Be cool to see something different with this colour!
  2. Looking good! Whats that random thing on the boot??
  3. Why did I sell my Arosa Ben? Gonna miss it all!
  4. Need so baddass oem wheels now to match that awesome interior! Get them banded steels off!!!
  5. Advert, again... http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/classifieds/item/3691-seat-arosa-sport-forsale/
  6. Better to do it warm!! Not hot though...
  7. Beetle looks spot on! Yes i am the famous James, I cleaned my by using something like 'gunk degresser' (halfords sell it). Get detailing brushes, and scrub away! The sensible thing to do would be use a watering can and wash away the crap. I use a jet wash, just dont point it any where near the head of coil pack! Never done me any harm!
  8. Just like me, Abarth and Arosa! Though its a love hate with the abarth, constant problems sadly!
  9. Adams Arosa Lov the beetle! Is it a later beetle (69?) with early wings? So clean!
  10. Got a immaculate arosa 1.4 sport, is lowered but has been a show car so is 100%. Car is on 92k but i had alot of engine work done to keep it sweet as a nut!
  11. Lovely Arosa mate! Though, you have a lovely interior now. Which is classy and with a clean base, but your swaying very random rat. Kinda dont mix, classy, clean then rat! It Is your car, and if you like it everyones happy. I just think you have serious potential
  12. I'm stupid for doing this, but 1800 takes my arosa this week. Need it gone off my drive. Been driving past couple of days and it's awesome fun and such a clean base!
  13. Thanks mate! Nice to hear comments like that It wasn't built in a day, takes time so don't worry mate! Yours is looking well, will only get better!
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