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  1. Yeah it's a bit understeery, no chance of keeping traction in boost for the first couple of gears. Not too bothered just yet, need to get it in good mechanical condition before I start modifying haha. Bit scared to drive it too fast just yet.
  2. Yes mate. Thanks for that Karl, yeah it's a T5 GLT, 5cyl 2,319cc and a 15T turbo. Will be looking to service and sort lambda light issue (possibly MAF or boost leak) before going mad with the mods.
  3. Cheers chap. Was lovely to drive home .. 225bhp along with a very useable gearbox will do me nicely over summer. I quite like the grey bumpers .. just a shame they're patchy. A remap would be good but i'm convinced there's cheaper power to be had by servicing and replacing sensors. Apparently MAF sensors can knock of a fair bit of power plus it's due a service anyway. But yes, after that, a straight through, panel filter and remap should see me to around 300bhp.
  4. Ah okay. I'll hold out and go to the post office tomorrow instead. Thanks for that! I'm gonna start running V-Power for this I think.
  5. Thanks for the input but i would imagine insurance would be a bit much. Bought the Volvo today, needs taxing. Anyone know if i can tax a car online if my name isnt on the V5 yet? Cheers
  6. Hahaha dunno if insurance would like that. Gonna call about this tomorrow to ask about tax, service history and a load of other stuff. If it sounds okay i might go and have a nosey. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201303165804144/sort/default/usedcars/price-to/4000/model/850/make/volvo/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/200/page/1/postcode/gl502ur/quicksearch/true?logcode=p Any thoughts?
  7. Yep. Not worth it otherwise. It would likely cos more to insure a modified 75bhp than a standard 100bhp so no benefit there either.
  8. To be honest Ed i'm open to any suggestions... Don't need it for anything specific but i'd like it to at least have something going for it haha. Doesn't have to be an amazing all rounder (i know i don't have millions to spend) if it's quick in a straight line, good. Or if it's quick in the twisties, also good. Was looking at the volvo 850 T5 and V70 T5, few luxuries, leather, cruise control etc. and the same power as a slightly older S3 or TT as standard. Might be a giggle. Any thoughts?
  9. I like all of those last suggestions. Will have a browse this evening. Insurance on e36 M3 is a bit much unfortunately. And when I say luxury I meant modern haha should have been more clear. I mean electric windows and working heaters would be nice .. I just dont want something old and dated unless it's something extra special.
  10. Search for it. Then buy a sport or save up for a GTI.
  11. Some good suggestions. I like the passat W8 but would like a manual really. Can't really spend more than £4k on the car ... anyone got any experience with the Volvo s60 T5?
  12. Did look at them. £700 insurance for a 19 year old isnt bad. But £400 road tax and 12000 mile service period isn't fun. Hahaha I wish .. gonna have a look.
  13. Yeah I was wondering that. Hmm. I'll look at Evo's although im not a massive fan. Cheers
  14. Right .. Got some money coming in over the next month or so, so i'm after suggestions for decent power but still a bit of luxury. I've been looking at the s60 T5, some audi 1.8T and trying to get a quote on an S4 now. Any good alternatives? Not overly bothered about fuel but a bit of luxury would be nice. Cheers, Jake.
  15. For the sort of drop you're going for they won't be too much worse. Partly the stiffness but also things like the rebound will make a difference when compared to higher end kits. I would go with coilovers so that you will have matched shocks and springs in terms of the spring rate, and also you will be able to adjust them perfectly to get the form/function part perfect. I would also say they're easier to install. Hope this helps!
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