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I know some of you think i'm a bit strange what with the random styling of the car and interior, my old record player and the 8track player in the rear of the car, well i have some developments on the 8track, got myself a tape splicer and tape, so now i can repair the tapes the machine has chewed up.

Here are a few pic, you'll have to excuse the state of the images, the sensor on the camera is goosed!




Started to wind back onto the reel


Oh dear





I spliced the tape with the sensing foil, then some tape on the rear to reinforce it. Just gone out now to test it, seems alright so far, [LOL] I'll give it a whole listen tomorrow on the way to work and report back.

Time for another now.


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I used to have a Grundig EN3 Luxus, oh yes!

Thats amazing! It's like a mini reel to reel. Ha.

I didn't get to the section of tape this morning, only one program out, might have a listen at lunch and see if it holds up. Fixed another last night too, Blues Brothers this time,that was a proper tangled mess! Eventually got it all wound onto the spool. Few more kinks in that one so we'll see how this one turns out, there is a trick about ironing the tape, might try that sometime.

Christ how old are you two!

Younger than my antics give me credit for. I'm not even as old as the 8track player! That's a '74 model. I'm an '81 model!

It's all good fun though!

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Decided to bring my Lupo up to date a little, by installing an ambient air thermometer.

Currently it's wired to the back of the cigarette lighter ground and illumination +tive, so it comes on when i put the lights on, no problem for me as i always have my sidelights on anyway. I will wire it to an ignition live when i find out which one. Might locate it somewhere else in the future though, we'll see. Not bad for £8.

Now it tells me just how warm it isn't!







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Hehe, you still here Ryan, Lol! Just kidding.

Cheers for the comments, i need to still sort the bodywork out from when that numpty glanced it before christmas though just concentrating on not letting the mileage take it's toll too much on the car. Tomorrow it'll be turning 143,000!

40,000 miles and 3 years, almost to the month i bought it from you mate.

Not sure if i like having the thermometer now, i don't like knowing how cold it is!

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This is weird, because I also just happen to have a Bib cassette tape splicer sitting in my computer room! I've never used it but I kept it because it looks interesting :lol:

I like the idea of having an outside temp sensor. So that LCD works with the OEM sensor?

BTW, there is an easy way to get thin wires into the engine bay - if you look above the passenger footwell and find where the rear wash pipe goes through, it has its own rubber grommet through to the bulkbead, with a bit of room spare for some extra wires :)

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Weird indeed bout the BIB splicer.

I think i might replace the one i have with an OEM one, unless that one uses the ECU etc. I'll have a see.

I've used the grommets when fitting the power cables for the amp in the rear. This was a quick fix really to see if it'd be useful. The below temp tells me it didn't work, after a few minutes of driving it reads a more correct figure.

This is what it read when i got to the car last friday...


Oh yeah and the obligitory mileage photo....


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Not much to report recently, some of you may have read i was having problems with the cooling system, i'm thinking it was the headgasket, so made some enquiries into getting a rebuild, a full one, some it'd be a brand new motor basically.

Though this turned out to be a tad dear at this moment also, so knocked that one on the head, even got a quote for the head gasket and skim and the rest, though this too was a little dear, so i've bitten the bullet and decided to move over to the two darksides, to get a Seat Arosa (it's not that different), which is a diesel!

So yeah, the Lupo is up for sale, as a whole, or for various (pretty much everything) parts seperately.

I'd have loved to have gotten a rebuild to inject a whole new lease of life into the car as it's a cracking car. I'll probably move the front brake setup, along with the suspension over to the arosa, along with some other bits and pieces.

I'll make another thread when i take delivery of the new one, so for now here is a photo. Oh and of course the mileage shot for the lupo, not bad really for 3.5 years ownership. Bought it on nearly 103k now on 145k



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