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  1. Me too, as if Craig doesn't want it I'd be interested in the engine!
  2. Any garage - don't risk driving it, it may be fine now but if it is the timing belt and it goes you'll be looking at some big damage to the engine internals! They can take a look and advise.
  3. First port of call - actually ring your mums insurance company and see if they can add you as a temporary driver. Often done a week at a time but can be expensive, for example I can go on my mums for £45 - cheaper than getting a hire car though.
  4. Try Sky Insurance or HIC - they've always been able to find me a quote to include it, although I always have to ask for it specifically and it's usually more expensive. I've managed to get it most years since I was about 19 so it's worth a try for you.
  5. Pull out the fabric boot liner and use it as a template - you'll need to adjust it slightly the higher up you want to build to, but it's a good starting point.
  6. Looks tidy with the new lights hun - glad you found a good one Now just make sure she looks after it
  7. Unless SEAT are different to VW, then for a safety recall the service history makes no difference - mine has a few gaps but was done with no questions asked when it went in. However unless the recall has been sent out for your specific year, it won't be done free of charge.
  8. I got the usual chocolate and sweeties, and a Top Gear Where's Stig book But these were my favourite, motorbike slippers from my mum! She's also going to buy me a lawnmower (which I had asked for) and a fruit tree for my garden (which was a big surprise)
  9. DON'T front your insurance, as the company WILL investigate if they suspect all is not right. Instead, try the comparison sites .Phase listed. Add female relatives with good driving histories, a girlfriend may work too. Try male relatives but this doesn't help as much. Also, make sure you aren't insuring for more miles than you will actually do, and that the value of the car is not more than it's actually worth. Find out if it's worth getting locking wheel nuts and a steering lock, include those as security accessories and USE them! It's all little things like this that will lower your risk
  10. Another Meguiars Gold Class wax user here - although when it runs out I might try something else to see if I can't get the red paint looking even deeper
  11. When it got to summer and show time! I swap them over when the weather gets nice as I've not got the dedication to clean the shiny bits all the time
  12. Hmmmm, think i'll give that one a miss Went for redcurrant vodka in the end!
  13. I just got my bottles going this weekend - bit late I know but I've just not had time to climb into my sloe tree to get the berries! Now have two bottles of vodka and two of gin on the go (expecting those to reduce to 1 bottle each after straining). Still got one bottle of vodka unopened so going to try making a blueberry vodka with half of it - any good ideas for the other half?
  14. I've got two trays of Sloes in the freezer from September, and I'm hoping to pick some more at the weekend - we'll see which ones are better as I've never come across them before. Then they will be going in a bottle of gin, and a bottle of vodka
  15. Far too much! The glovebox has all those odd bits like tissues, sweets, Cds, spare bulbs and duct tape, while the boot has a tool kit, trolley jack, some rope, spare oil, and a steering lock!
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