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  1. Mine broke 42k this morning... I've only done 26k in it. In nine years!!!!
  2. 02 plate, black, I'm the 3rd owner. 40k. I've owned it for about 7 and a half years...
  3. Untogether by Belly If you don't recognise that, google Tanya Donelly, Kristen Hersh, Throwing Muses et al. and you'll discover a whole new world of interconnected artists...
  4. I was heading out on a "drive." I had a day off and felt like doing something fun. Why not?
  5. and it wasn't mine! I was flashing like mad, and they didn't even notice... [media=]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki2Tu56i7zM Anyone here?
  6. 02 on 38k Although it is now my only car and the mileage is heading upwards
  7. I'll take the front and rear door cards if they're still available. I've sent you a PM with an email address. Cheers!
  8. Does anyone have a part number for the GTI badge for the front grille? As my red I is looking very pink these days... Thanks.
  9. Pretty much the first GTI I've seen outside of shows. 54 plate, silver, lowered on D90s and lots of stickers in the back window. I wonder if they spotted mine. It was only a few spaces away...
  10. And no one's spotted me yet, in my black gti around that area...
  11. FOR SALE Skoda Fabia VRS SE (#747 of 1000) This is a chance to own one of the very last Mk1 VRSs produced (registered 24 September 2007). The car has been lovingly owned by an enthusiast who has treated it with respect. It has served faultlessly as a daily commuting vehicle running back and fore between Glasgow and Edinburgh day in day out without missing a heartbeat. Always maintained and well looked after, this car has not wanted for servicing. A new job and relocation to the Midlands means it’s just not needed any more. Which is a real shame, as it’s bloody lovely. And fast. All the usual VRS kit, plus the SE additions: - Full leather interior in outstanding condition. Regularly treated (I love the smell!) and it’s only really had the driver in it. No wear at all. - 6 disc CD changer (still installed, but a Connects2 Aux adapter is currently wired in its place - can be easily swapped back). - Tinted glass (not film) from b-pillar back - VRS carpet mats and rubber ones. - And, of course, the Race Blue paintwork Outstanding condition. N’er a swirl mark to be seen. 2 owners. 63k miles (55k on motorway). Full main dealer service history (majority Skoda; more recently VW). Cambelt, waterpump and console bushes changed at 50k. 60k service recently completed. Brand new discs and pads all round. Liquidgauge included (not currently installed). Will come with 12 months MOT and 12 months tax. As it has spent all of its life (near enough) on the motorway, there are some chips to the front bumper and bonnet but that’s to be expected. The headlights are protected by clear lamin-x film. Available for viewing in Loughborough or nearby in the East Midlands or, if you’re serious, in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Vast quantities of detailed photos already online. Contact me for the link. Anyone wanting a test drive will have to bring paper evidence of their insurance cover with them. Price: £7,200 without the VRS plate. £7,500 with it. Or make me a sensible offer. Bear in mind these prices are about £1k less than dealers are currently asking for SEs. Hell, I've even seen one recently go for £9k. Email contact preferred: drderekthomson@gmail.com or you can PM me on here. Look at the shiny!
  12. Mine is on 36k, but now it's back in daily use. on the mileage front, but on the smiles front. Anyone want to buy a Fabia VRS SE?
  13. Well, final production images are up! (heh) on the website. Dash is nice - painted like the New Beetle / Fiat 500. http://www.volkswage...360-secondlevel
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